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Thank you to everyone for following us and have a good evening. The next Nati meeting will be on October 9 with the return match against Northern Ireland in Geneva.

Second draw in a row in a rally marked by the absences of Shaqiri, Xhaka and Embolo.

Very few significant elements this evening apart from the missed penalty in the first period. There will be a lot of offensive work to be done to polish the details and sort out the technical waste.

It’s over in Belfast! Switzerland and Northern Ireland share the stake in a soporific match.

We will stay here tonight, Switzerland will not do miracles in stoppage time.

Steffen misses his control and that illustrates well the technical shortcomings of the Nati this evening….

Only five minutes left in this meeting. We feel that the miracle is possible but it still does not happen.

Very good job from Zeqiri who gets the corner. We believe in it more and more !!!

Corner for Northern Ireland and it’s very hot in the area. The Nati emerges as best they can.

Opening the scoring is one thing, but holding on defensively is another. We must not give up at all costs !!!!!

It is difficult to see how Switzerland could suddenly open the scoring, the match seems closed on both sides.

Agree with Sky. But Yakin’s lack of audacity… Petkovic come back! The technical weakness of the Nati was catastrophic. Zeqiri should have started the match. Drawn in every way.

With a brilliant entry against Italy on Sunday, the Genevan returned to his best level after his injury in March 2020. In Northern Ireland on Wednesday, he will be a choice option for Murat Yakin.

Parades, penalty stopped: the Swiss goalkeeper makes Italy cry. And thanks to him, the whole team regains confidence. A starting point for Murat Yakin.