Third match and third draw for FC Martigues who dropped again points, this time against the leader of Bresse (1-1). Louhans-Cuiseaux who opened the scoring through Diawoye Diarra.

Having gone to the extreme limit of offside, the former Blood and Gold came to crucify his former partners (0-1, 4). It was another former member of the Maison Martégale who revived the FCM.

Goalkeeper Melvin Adrien forced to mow down Maxime Penneteau after a big blunder by one of his defenders. Karim Tlili then reset the counters to zero on an indisputable penalty (1-1, 20).

Nothing will move in a padlocked game which has especially won out with a big defensive activity and a lack of technical accuracy to hope to see one or the other team win, we remind you on the occasion of a delocalized game on the pitch of the Stade La Martine in Marseille because of the poor state of the turf at the Stade Turcan.

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Seven minors injured after refusing a police check in Ensuès: a young person in a state of brain death and six injured