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Log out of devices and / or browsers you don’t use

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How can I see connected devices?
Go to your customer area then click on “manage equipment”. If you go there after clicking “Continue on this device”, there should only be one.

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Arnaud Marcantei’s men, though domineering in the first half, were surprised by the youth of the Nantes reserve. They remain third in the standings, so they could take the lead.

The year started badly for Andrézieux. Opposed to FC Nantes’s reserve, Arnaud Marcantei’s players broke down late in the game. Ryan Sabry delivered his partners on an unscrewed center, which ended in the left top corner of Pichot (1-0, 85th). “We didn’t play the right game, so I’m angry with the guys,” railed the Andrézian coach. We played them with nonchalance and a lack …