The Sang et Ors netted the Italians Udinese four goals this Saturday in Bollaert, but also conceded one that reminds the RCL that they were unable to preserve their cage during this preparation. All in an atmosphere that warms the heart.

It was no surprise, but feeling the encouragement from Bollaert’s stands was a reminder of how good a warm atmosphere feels and how much Franck Haise’s players can count on their supporters. It was a great celebration at Bollaert with a lot of generosity on the pitch and in the stands. The preparation gap between the Northerners and the Italians should be taken into consideration before they get carried away. Udinese was only playing his third warm-up game when Lens was at seven.

In a week, Rennes should be a much more consistent piece for the Lensois. Failing to have to work and be put in real difficulty, they gained confidence and displayed great facilities, especially on the offensive side.

The match started with a nice ball from one of the new kids. Christopher Wooh got into his first intervention and let Forestieri slip away, finally stopped by Leca (5th). The former Nancy quickly erased this bad memory to deliver clean interventions … and open the scoring with a header on a perfect corner from Clauss (12th).

By imposing a big rhythm, Lens completely stifled the Udinese which would have existed only on this failed gesture of Wooh and a vicious cross repelled by Leca and the young defender (7th). Each Lens attack was likely to end at the bottom. So it didn’t take long for it to materialize. Boura thus recovered in the second a nice cross from Kakuta (16th). Ganago could have added the 3rd on a nice move but he did not fit (32nd). On a good cross from Clauss, Banza gave the score the reflection of the Lensoise domination (45th).

The second period was a little less dense, with some facilities and these two alerts on Leca’s goal, one of which ended at the bottom, Samir being more lively when the strike fell on the bar of Makengo (78th). Pereira da Costa concluded on a good note with a shot in the side net (89th, 4-1).

“We saw a lot of good things. I wish we hadn’t conceded that goal. We controlled well, well defended while moving forward. We have a good foundation and I hope we will gain further momentum
Blood and gold coach Franck Haise said.

LENS – UDINESE: 4-1 (3-0)

At the Bollaert stadium. Spectators: 11,971.

Goals: Wooh (12th), Boura (16th), Banza (45th), Pereira da Costa (89th) for Lens; Samir (78th) for Udinese.

LENS: Leca; Fortes, Wooh (Gradit, 85th), Haïdara; Clauss, Fofana (cap then Cahuzac, 85th), Doucouré, Boura (Machado, 66th); Kakuta (Pereira, 66th); Banza (Sotoca, 66th), Ganago (Cissé, 77th).

Not entered: Farinez, Pandor, B. Pereira, Varane.