The Sétois are playing this Friday, September 10 (7 p.m.) on the lawn of Châteauroux, candidate for the climb.

They managed to heal the wounds on the final day at home, winning 3-1 over Créteil. It had to be because, this Friday, September 10, the Sétois will be dealing with a serious customer for this sixth day …

Châteauroux is indeed one of those big cars for which the National should only be one stage. The team coached by Marco Simone have high ambitions, within their budget. In other words, the opposite of FC Sète, which will have to press other buttons to keep the momentum going. “We are going there to continue to be reassured,” said Nicolas Guibal. “But it’s clear that we’re going to have to put on the helmets and the shields. We have to be more realistic than against Créteil. We had some chances in the first half that we have to put in the bottom.”

For this, the Sétois coach will count on an almost identical group. The Pappalardo, Solvet and Phliponeau, natural bosses of this team, will however not be able to count on the energy of Hakkar (scorer against Créteil), victim of a discomfort in the adductors.

We must therefore hope that the victory has put everyone back on the right track. “Our strengths are less important than theirs, but we can compensate with the desire and the mental. We have done a good week of work, we continue to work on our defensive bases. After a victory, we feel a renewal of positivity. We’ve been surfing this all week. “

Come on MR BIDON uh biton after this game outside

It is certain …. They will not be able to rely on the aid of the town hall and the agglo …. it is better that they only count on themselves and on the true fervent fcsete.
We are the only FRANCE team of the three elite levels not to receive ANY HELP from its local public partners ….. There’s a wolf somewhere …

The Mayor of Sète and some of his obedient underlings believe that the president of a sports association, because it is subsidized, is a kind of fuse that can be blown and replaced by snapping the fingers. The real fans of FC Sète are disgusted that their club is a toy for these elected officials. However, the subsidies come from public funds and not from the pockets of these local councilors and the least thing would be to respect those who love football and the Green and White club by continuing to support it. The lack of credible communication therefore opens the door to speculation. If the current leaders were at fault, we must prove it. Otherwise you have to pay the 450,000 euros that the Dolphins so lack to hope for a good season. In any case, congratulations to the players for their selflessness and their motivation in this sinister local landscape which says everything about the mores of some in our city.