His 200th game at the head of Amilly will undoubtedly be the best poster of his career. If it has had remarkable success with the J3S for eight years, whether it is the cup titles of Loiret (2018) or Center (2020) or montà © es in R1 (2017) and N3 (2018, 2020), the reception of Quevilly-Rouen, Ligue 2 club, in the eighth round of the Coupe de France on Saturday, is a sacred achievement.

The J3 Amilly will play their 8th round of the Coupe de France against Quevilly (L2) in their Georges-Clà © riceau stadium

“I am proud because no one had reached this eighth lap with Amilly before”, measures Guillaume Coquelin.

“It’s curious: this happens the year on which I would have wagered the least, but this is where we do the most big journey in the history of the club, he continues. It’s crazyâ ?? ¦ ”

Indeed, it was difficult to bet on the presence of the J3S at this stage of the competition, so complicated was the start of the season in the league. With a huge summer turnover, cascading injuries, administrative problems and last-minute departures, Amilly is accumulating grains of sand in the cogs. “I knew that we were going to have two or three months of galley”, explains the coach at the head of a group that he nevertheless judges as it is. one of the best he has ever had, but one that the planets are struggling to align.

“It is very paradoxical what we are going through at the moment, with a complicated situation in the league (12th out of 14) and a lot of hopes in the Cup In the end, even the cup is one of the elements that disturbs us in the league and makes it difficult to emerge. But we are compensated for these difficult moments with the reception of a Ligue 2. “

Ligue 2 and the professional world, Guillaume Coquelin had sided with them at the end of his master’s degree from STAPS, when he was an employee of Tours FC, on the associative structure (2006-2007).

But he very quickly returned to amateur football, out of conviction and a desire to devote himself to “projects which animate him”. Assistant coach for three and a half years at Avoine (Indre-et-Loire), he finally returned in 2012 to the department where he started football as a child: Loiret.

The one who was made redundant at Bellegarde, Lorris then Gien, landed for good in Amilly in 2012, where he first took on the costume of deputy in the senior ranks and then from now on. Educator with the U14s, before taking the reins of the first team in 2014.

The least we can say is that the schedule of this 38-year-old father is filled with activities, he who shares his time. professional planning between Amilly’s football club and Bildstein college in Gien, where he teaches EPS.

In recent days, it has also been necessary to go fishing for information on the Quevilly-Rouen team.

“There is such a huge gap! We need to have some certainty about this formation. The slightest mistake could quickly cost us dearly.”

The coach and his staff therefore watched Ligue 2 matches and took information from AJ Auxerre, Amilly’s partner club.

“It’s for sure that we have very little chance to pass, but we will focus on those chances, as far as we have. zero pressure “…

The Ravalet revelation, decisive in three penalty shootouts for Amilly in the Coupe de France

199 or 200? After a recount, it turns out that Guillaume Coquelin will play his 200th game at the head of the first team of Amilly, and not his 199th as indicated in our paper edition of Thursday November 25.

Ref: https://www.larep.fr