Aston Villa coach Steven Gerrard has tested positive for Covid-19 and will therefore not attend his team’s next two matches, announced © the Birmingham club on Saturday on Twitter.

The former Liverpool midfielder will miss the home matches against Chelsea on Sunday during Boxing Day, then the trip to Leeds next Tuesday, if the latter match is maintained.

Aston Villa’s home game against Burnley on December 18 had been postponed shortly before kick-off due to positive Covid-19 cases in the country. Villa workforce.

Three of the Premier League posters slated for Sunday have been postponed, including Liverpool-Leeds due to positive cases at Leeds. So the continuation of the Leeds-Aston Villa match two days later seems very uncertain.

On Wednesday, Gerrard said it would be “a nightmare” to have to play two games in two days with only fourteen able-bodied players and everyone at the club feared potential contamination.

 € œWe had one of our players this week who was reluctant to get out of his car because he was showing symptoms and has a youngster. family. Which is perfectly understandable, ”Gerrard said.

A total of 25 Boxing Day fixtures from the top four divisions of English football have been postponed due to the coronavirus.