Confronting Clermont will not leave Charles Abi indifferent. This is where the 21-year-old AS Saint-Etienne striker was born, built, both humanely and sportingly, before making the leap to reach the center of training from ASSE, at 15 years old.

A winning bet for the Clermontois: with 42 Ligue 1 games to his credit, Charles Abi is seen inheriting the prestigious number 9 this summer. A “symbolic” number as he puts it himself. “It is also that the coach shows me that he trusts me, and I hope to return to him this year. “Obviously, a lot of players wearing this number have marked the young striker. Â € œRonaldo â € œR9â €. He was a great goalscorer, right foot, left foot. Right now there is Lewandowski who I watch a lot or Haaland, who is my age and very good. TO”

If Clermont remains a regular destination for Charles Abi, it is also because part of its hard core still lives in the Auvergne capital. “When you have a few days off, it also allows you to go back to see my family and friends. It is true that I have a rather particular attachment to this city, I like it a lot. It’s my hometown and it will be forever since it’s where I grew up. TO”

The young player evokes the importance of those around him, true vectors of performance and happiness in his life. Â € œI am fortunate to have an entourage that helps and supports me a lot. It is very important to be mentally well and it is transmitted on the pitch. When there are times which are a little more difficult, it is also the people around us that help us to overcome these tests. TO”

“It’s true that I have a rather special attachment to this city, I love it a lot. It’s my hometown and it will be forever since it’s where I grew up. TO”

From his debut at Aubière at age 7, to his six seasons with Clermont Foot youth, Charles Abi has never ceased to impress. It was also during a good year with the U13s of the Auvergne club that the striker was spotted by the Greens. A season that marked number 9. The end of a story with the CF63, but which left great memories for the player.  € œI had a wonderful year in Clermont. We had a very good group that hardly moved for five years. I keep very fond memories. It was a very important phase because I made connections, both on and off the pitch, with people who are still there today. and who are helping me. TO”

Charles Abi was notably able to play with key players in the historic rise of the Auvergne club in Ligue 1. Mohamed Bayo is one of them, as are Yohann Magnin and Lorenzo Rajot. He has kept an eye on his former teammates, whom he has seen climb to Ligue 1, and whose success he is delighted with. Â € œI watched a lot of games. It makes me really happy for them because they deserve it, they are very good players. TO”

The Greens striker returns to Clermont Foot this evening, a match that will reason differently for him. Â € œIt’s sure to be a special encounter. It’s gonna do a little something to the heart. TO”

A pivotal season awaits the 21-year-old. After a 2020-2021 campaign chopped in playing time, the striker must find a starting place with the Greens. Â € œI have a goal for playing time first, I will try to get as much as possible. The goals will come with it. “From Clermont to Saint-Étienne, Charles Abi has charted his course, and will meet that of Clermont again this season, in Ligue 1.

Clermont Foot de Berthomier is playing its 6th pre-season match this Saturday evening (6 p.m.) in the legendary setting of the Geoffroy-Guichard stadium. The only downside to this poster: the match will be played behind closed doors (to be followed by video and live on our site This meeting, by the very admission of its coach Pascal Gastien, will serve as a life-size test and will allow a typical team to be released for the first meeting of the pre-Ligue 1 championship. seen on Sunday August 8 in Bordeaux. Clermont Foot 63 will move, as is the case since its resumption in June, the whole of its group. He will also try to maintain his momentum and keep his unbeaten position.

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No broadcast on the mountain site. Too bad … Asse could have made a gesture and allowed this retransmission even if their channel is paying.
Come on Clermont you will do it!

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