“There was everything. It was the perfect storyline. A first victory for Portugal in the Euro final and in addition, it was against France!  ”With the vocation of the memory of the final of 2016, Mickaë l, 36 years old, offers us his most beautiful smile on a set. The alert, he has not forgotten anything from that day when the fate of his country of origin changed.

“Our only regret was that we couldn’t be in Portugal to party with them. It went on for days and days … And besides, I think it still lasts. AT”

Jorge, the president of the Portuguese Library Association, remembers the crowd that gathered in front of the giant screen , installed in the premises of rue du Prà © -la-Reine in Clermont-Ferrand. “It was full inside and out. We couldn’t move. There were players from our two association teams, but also families and elders. It was completely crazy. AT”

A moment of intense communion which Mirsad, 52 years old, of Yugoslav origin and former number 9 for the club of the association, came to share. “Here, all nationalities come together to celebrate. A lot of French people come to watch the matches with the Portuguese. We go to our bedroom, but it is still good child. It is also an opportunity to betâ ?? “And at the time of the predictions, everyone dreams of seeing Portugal repeat the feat. Either way. Â € œIn 2006, itâ € ™ s the draw that scored. Eider, he made a success of his life in a minute “, jokes Alexandre, an amateur footballer who could easily see himself with a second European star embroidered on the jersey.

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