After many failures, Amazon Game Studios finally seems to be on the right track. The New World MMO is so successful that the servers are often overcrowded, resulting in long queues.

But Andy Jassy, ​​CEO of Amazon for the past few months, sees it big and green. In an interview with Bloomberg, he explains, “There have been a lot of articles written, a lot of people saying that Amazon can do everything besides video games. It may take years to achieve success, but we have never lost our resolve. ” It is true that Amazon Game Studios has so far not had an impressive track record, with its game Crucible having been killed outright after a failed release.

Of course, the success of an MMO is measured over the long term, but it’s clear that New World is already getting off to a good start. And even if Jassy tackles the media having noted the failures of AGS, we must keep in mind that the developers are now engaged in a marathon: will the servers be improved / increased? Will long-term content retain fans? At a time when World of Warcraft is severely adrift and Final Fantasy XIV sees its community grow by the day, there is clearly a card to be played for Amazon, but in a tight way.

In view of the good results of the last few days, we can hope that Andy Jassy will put the package (of tickets) to support the video-entertainment division of his company. Only time will tell if the efforts to come will be sufficient …

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