Relations between the EU and Russia, Belarus and transatlantic relations dominated the Monday talks of the EU Foreign Ministers in Brussels, with Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rau representing Poland.

US Foreign Minister Antony Blinken were also present (via video link) and the EU High Representative, Josep Borrell.

Among other things, the ministers agreed on new EU sanctions against Russia in connection with the detention of oppositionist Alexei Navalny by Moscow.

Rau reported on the meeting and said on Twitter that the focus was on EU-Russia relations after the arrest of Navalny, the human rights situation in Belarus, including the recent conviction of two journalists from Belsat TV and EU-US relations under the new Biden administration.

Conversations with Blinken focused on the climate and the return of Washington to world society organization, the Paris Agreement and the World Trade Organization, Rau said.

He added that the talks confirmed shared US and EU views on the rivalry between the West and China.

The news marks the latest turn in a notable story in which the abandoned intersection spread international news this summer after it was revealed that negotiations had begun to blow the structure up as part of a movie stunt in the new Mission Impossible film would have been blown up.

When Anna Odi was asked to look out of her bedroom window for homework, she could not decide whether to draw the crematorium or the gallows in which Auschwitz commandant Rudolf Hoess was executed. She told TFN, “I think I am hostage to the stories of people who lived through this hell. I am continuing what my parents started to be a witness. Like my parents, I owe it to the victims. ”

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