Despite the fatigue, he is on his own. The French writer Florian Zeller won this Sunday the Oscar for best screenplay for his first film, The Father, with Anthony Hopkins who leaves, meanwhile, with the Oscar for best actor. Adaptation of his successful play The Father, the feature film released in theaters in February in the United States tells the story of an 80-year-old man, suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, who sinks into dementia while his daughter (Olivia Coleman) tries to accompany him as she can. A moving film that opens new doors for the most played French author in the world.

I am still in the continuation of this very joyful night! A joy which is all the stronger as the night, even if it was long, began with the Oscar for best screenplay and ended with the Oscar for best actor for Anthony Hopkins. It’s all the more gratifying because I really designed this film for Anthony Hopkins, I dreamed it with him. Sharing this joy with him is total happiness.

What were your first words with Anthony Hopkins, who learned of his victory this morning?

In fact it was I who called him to tell him and he did not believe it. He was overwhelmed to be recognized in this chapter of his acting life. It was a very strong moment because I felt it crossed by a great emotion, and that moved me terribly.

It is difficult to say because I was crossed by contradictory emotions. I felt both joy and surprise and relief too. We are in a situation where hope is growing. But what dominates is the feeling of gratitude. In front of us he had great screenwriters and great actors …

Yes and no. You know, The Father is a little independent English film. And it’s true that suddenly he has an American career with the Oscars. There is something of the order of a dream, but it is a dream that is lived at a distance because I was not able to go to Los Angeles. Even though it is virtual, I take it as a sign of encouragement. I am very moved to receive this from the Academy of Oscars. It gives me the desire and the energy to continue.

You will soon be directing The Son with Laura Dern and Hugh Jackman. Can you tell us more?

It is the adaptation of another piece I wrote, Le Fils, which was premiered in France in 2017 with Yvan Attal and Rod Paradot. It is the story of a father who tries to save his 18 year old son who is going through a difficult phase. I’m very happy to be able to start touring this summer with Hugh Jackman and Laura Dern.

If I try to question my desires, for the moment the only one that drives me is to do The Son. Making a film is the sum of so much work and dreams that you can’t get started without really wanting to. I’ve been working on The Son for months and it’s hard to imagine any other film than this.

You said in your speech that you have to believe in your dreams. Are you going to dream even bigger?

I have clung to the idea that some things may be impossible, but you shouldn’t decide for yourself. Always keep the door ajar as much as possible.

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