Marine Delterme and Florian Zeller, immortalized at the 93rd Academy Awards. (Paris, April 25, 2021.)

She was at his side when he received the Oscar for best adapted screenplay for his film The Father, on the night of Sunday 25 to Monday 26 April. He gave it pride of place in his acceptance speech. Portrait of a close-knit couple, for whom the magic still operates, twenty years later.

A fuzzy silhouette, with a broad smile, slipped into the foreground of the shot. This appearance is none other than that of Marine Delterme, the wife of Florian Zeller, director of The Father. The heroine of the series Alice Nevers, the judge is a famous woman, on this Sunday, April 25, the double-victory of the filmmaker at the Oscars. “This is it! comments Marine Delterme on her Instagram account with 78,000 subscribers, after having placed a kiss on the shoulder of the filmmaker. Oscar for best screenplay. ”

Before adding, in a second post: “It is 6 am, tired but happy for The Father and the 2nd Oscar of the evening for Anthony Hopkins (the main actor of the feature film, Editor’s note).” For his part, Florian Zeller gives pride of place to the actress in his acceptance speech. “I would like to thank my wife Marine for supporting me with all her love and patience,” he said. New proof, if needed, of the unwavering bond that has united the actress and the playwright for more than twenty years.

It all started with an artistic love at first sight in the early 2000s. Florian Zeller was commissioned to write the portrait of Marine Delterme, also a sculptor, for L’Officiel. “I was doing an exhibition of sculptures on the face, recounted this enthusiast in the columns of Paris Match, in April 2016. I remember having said to her:” If you like the exhibition, call me back. Otherwise, it is not worth it! ” Luckily, he liked it and we never left each other. “” A meeting that would have allowed Carla Bruni’s best friend to find a new balance. “Before him, life had shaken me up a lot and I was in chaos. Florian transformed and stabilized me. He knows how to make sense of things. ” This does not prevent the couple from experiencing some disagreements.
In 2005, Marine Delterme officiated in the play Le Manège, written by her 41-year-old companion. “Even though he’s my husband and he’s wonderful, we often get crumpled when we work together,” she says. However, the 51-year-old actress does not hide her admiration for the one she married on June 5, 2010. “He has immense talent, far above mine, in his vision of the theater.” And the former model to add: “He loves people, gives of his time and goes to the theater almost every night to support his actors,” she says. He is happy if his work is received and understood, but he is not narcissistic … “In 2011, Marine Delterme agrees to embark on a new adventure with him. She will play in another of her pieces, The Girl on the Sofa.

Meanwhile, the couple gave birth to a baby boy, Roman, in December 2008. The director is also raising Gabriel, the son of Marine Delterme, born in 1998 from his previous relationship with Swiss actor Jean-Philippe Écoffey. The heroine of Thus Be They (1995) describes her sons as “sensitive and lucid”. The elder wishes to become a journalist – the younger “is already showing himself square and scientific”. The clan lives in Florian Zeller’s apartment, not far from Parc Monceau, in Paris. It welcomes “actors, writers or the steelworkers who manufacture Marine pieces”, specifies Paris Match. “Friends’ evenings”, organized in the greatest secrecy. During their weekends, the Zellers sometimes take trips to the filmmaker’s house, near Deauville. In the summer, they rent a house in Corsica.

But the couple struggles to see each other during the year. Florian Zeller must indeed supervise the adaptation of his play in about fifty countries. Marine Delterme spends a lot of time behind the scenes of the Alice Nevers series, the end of which was announced last January after eighteen seasons. “I don’t often go with her abroad, because I work a lot,” she said during the filming of The Father. He does a lot of things. At the moment, it’s a little more complicated to see each other. There are all the problems of life, the house, the children and he is quickly overtaken by that. ” Whatever, the duo remains “very independent”, even “not at all fusional”.

The secret of its longevity? “Knowing how to listen to each other, support each other, accept times when the other is more fragile, and help them get up,” says Marine Delterme. We’re not the same anymore and it’s magical to be together again, to walk this path together. ” A course crowned with success.