The overflowing Grand-Galet waterfall, the flooding Langevin river, several submerged and closed rafts. The city of Saint-Joseph suffered the full brunt of bad weather, this Saturday, August 28. Downpours fell on the south of the island.

The PGHM helicopter, the High Mountain Gendarmerie Platoon, is currently carrying out several interventions in the town to help people in particular in difficulty near ravines where the water has risen sharply. The gendarmes and firefighters of Saint-Joseph are also mobilized to carry out rescue operations.

The town of Saint-Philippe was also not spared. This morning, the gendarmes saved a person on the RN2 at Vincendo. A cabin would also have been washed away by a sudden rise in water levels. According to our information, a homeless person is currently being sought.

The CRGT indicates that on the RN2 in Saint Philippe, the road is cut at the level of the locality “Vincendo” and at the level of the locality “Citron Galet”. Traffic is difficult in the area.

Much of Reunion Island is currently on alert for heavy rains, thunderstorms, and strong winds. In Saint-Joseph, since last night, many residents describe the weather “worthy of a cyclone”.

This morning, the Grand Galet waterfall is overflowing. The Langevin river and the Remparts river are in flood. The water rose rapidly in many rivers.

The fusible base is submerged and closed to traffic. The city of Saint-Joseph also announces that several other rafts are closed. These are the rafters, Chemin Grosset, Chemin Solitaire, the pool base, Chemin Embériques and Chemin Pompidou.

Following the strong winds, tree falls also occurred in Saint-Joseph leading to power cuts. According to EDF Réunion, 1,800 customers are currently without electricity. “The teams mobilized were reinforced following a new stormy episode which degraded a new line on Saint-Joseph”, specifies EDF. Repairs are in progress.

Flooded rivers, submerged roads, falling trees: severe weather and relief operations underway in Saint-Joseph

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