In the Story of her Instagram account, Flavie Péan (Plus belle la vie) shared a photo where she displayed herself close to Arthur Jugnot!

For some time now, rumors have claimed that Flavie Péan (Plus belle la vie) is in a relationship with Arthur Jugnot. Recently, the two have shown themselves ultra close and accomplices on social networks.

Before becoming very close to Flavie Péan (Plus belle la vie), Arthur Jugnot was in a relationship with singer Cécilia Cara. The latter announced in 2020 that she was separated from the daddy of her little boy.

Arthur Jugnot and Cécilia Cara have had a beautiful love story since 2006. Subsequently, the young man would have totally fallen for the actress of Plus belle la vie. For her part, the singer had confided in Ici Paris.

She explained, “Not many people know this, but I’m estranged from Arthur. It’s been some time now ”. The young woman also added that she had made a new life. Just like her ex darling.

Gérard Jugnot’s son has been very close to Flavie Péan for some time now. As a reminder, the latter is known to play the role of Victoire Lissajoux in the series of France 3.

She has been lending her features in Plus belle la vie for years. Arthur Jugnot would have had a real crush on her. Several people saw them together during a trip to Crete with Elodie Varlet and Jérémie Poppe.

Other photos have also emerged on the Internet. On her social networks, the France 3 actress has unveiled numerous photos in which she appears alongside Arthur Jugnot. For all events, the two are together.

In 2018, Flavie Péan (Plus belle la vie) and Arthur Jugnot even took several photos together during the Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain. As always, their complicity to jump in the eyes of the fans.

Flavie Péan (Plus belle la vie) and Arthur Jugnot have even performed together several times in the theater. Our colleagues from Purepeople recalled that they had shared the scene of “Father or Son” but also “On the left when leaving the elevator”.

Recently, they also collaborated on a brand new project. This Tuesday, August 24, the young woman shared a new photo in Story from her Instagram account. She took the pose with her best smile. But that’s not all.

She was also super happy alongside Arthur Jugnot and a child with a masked face. Some believe it to be the young man’s little boy. In the caption of her Instagram photo, the actress made a secret.

Flavie Péan (Plus belle la vie) also revealed that they had written a play. The latter is called Saint-Exupéry – The Aviator’s Mystery. One thing is certain, the two are very close to each other.

Fans also seem convinced they decided to go into a relationship several years ago. At the moment, they are very discreet about their dating life.

It remains to be seen if Flavie Péan (Plus belle la vie) and the handsome brunette will assume this relationship. Case to follow!

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