The reconciliation tour? This Tuesday, September 21, the legendary American hip-hop group The Fugees unveiled their reunion for a tour celebrating the 25th anniversary of the release of their cult album: The Score. Good news for French fans: the tour is planning a concert in Paris on December 4. After 14 years of final separation, would the members have succeeded in resolving their conflicts? This seems to emerge from the statements of Lauryn Hill and Wyclef Jean, former lovers whose adventure had contributed to the tortuous history of the group. “The Fugees have a complex but powerful history,” admits Lauryn Hill in her press release. “I decided to honor the importance of this project, his birthday and his fans who love his music, by creating a space of peace where we can unite, play the music we love, and show the world an example of reconciliation “, continues the singer.

The group’s iconic producer and rapper, Wyclef Jean echoed his point: “As we celebrate 25 years of Les Fugees, my first memory is that we promised, from the start, that we would not just make music, but that we would be a movement. We would be a voice for those unheard. In this difficult time, I am grateful that once again God has brought us together. “

If this announcement surprised and delighted the fans of the group, it is because its members were notoriously angry, especially after the failure (…)

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During the first confinement, Alexandre Mazzia made us discover his kitchen with the help of his granddaughter.

URBAN PLANNING – The city hall of Marseille and the metropolis presented the Minister for the City with a list of around a hundred schools, sports and cultural facilities in need of rapid renovation

While a poll this morning placed Eric Zemmour for the first time at 11% of voting intentions, Marine Le Pen reacts.

This Wednesday is released in French theaters “Everything went well” by François Ozon, with Sophie Marceau and André Dussolier.

Invited on the set of C à vous Tuesday, September 21, Michel Cymes was very firm with regard to the doctors who anti-vax. And he even confided what fate he would reserve for them if he was president of the Council of the Order.

The flagship group of the 1990s is reformed after 15 years of separation for a tour that will take them across the United States, before taking them to Europe and Africa.

A third term for liberal Justin Trudeau or alternation with moderate conservative Erin O’Toole? Called to the polls in advance, Canadians began voting on Monday for legislative elections with an uncertain outcome. The correspondent for FRANCE 24 in Montreal, François Rihouay, explains what is at stake in these elections.

This Tuesday, September 21, rediscover Diam’s, an artist with strong choices, in the La Face cachée collection of … on RMC Story, thanks to a new documentary at 9:05 pm.

A 26-year-old woman has died in Los Angeles after failed surgery. The “surgeons” who operated on her had no medical knowledge, they have just been arrested.

BIG UNDER – Opposition, especially on the right, denounces surge in presidential campaign spending

JUSTICE – The artist is prosecuted for “sexual harassment” and “indecent assault” by dancers from his company

Tom Ford said in a statement on September 21 the death of Richard Buckley, her husband since 2014, and companion since 1986.

Empty bleachers in Lens until the beginning of October: the disciplinary committee of the League sanctioned the club on Monday from a closed door as a precautionary measure for at least two matches, pending the investigation into the “serious excesses” between Lensois supporters and Lille on Saturday.

Remember in 2009, during the third season of Secret Story, Sabrina made a strong impression as she made it to the final. This Tuesday, September 21, TV Mag has found the trace of the young woman who returned to her exit from the reality TV of the One.

In the comedy Beaux-parents, broadcast this evening on M6, Josiane Balasko is married to Didier Bourdon. But do you know the actress’ husband in life?

This Tuesday, September 21, took place the funeral of Marthe Mercadier, in the church of Sainte-Hélène, in Paris. During this day rich in emotions, the daughter of the actress Véronique Néry, who came with her children Laura and Alexandre, was able to count on the support of a few personalities, including Chantal Ladesou.

SURVEY – 58% of French people also consider Emmanuel Macron’s economic action negative since 2017, according to the results of an OpinionWay-Square poll

Getting their loved ones to accept their relationship was not easy for Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron. And if there is one person that the future first lady of the time had to convince, it was not Françoise Noguès, her current mother-in-law.

The partnership between Yale University and the National University of Singapore was supposed to acclimatize liberal American-style education in the city-state.