Matrix 4: The Resurrection Trailer has arrived. Along with that, I have a lot of questions.

Matrix 1999, then Matrix Reloaded When Matrix Revolutions in 2003, it left its mark and revolutionized the Hollywood approach to cinematography. And while the two sequels disappointed some audiences and fell short of the studio’s box office expectations, the trilogy changed the industry a lot.

First Matrix 4 trailer arrived and already naturally panicked the masses. The film directed by Lana Wachowski, starring Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss, which is slated for theatrical release on December 15, seems possible after these first images, so there are more. It’s a unique event.

And we humbly share because the competition between decryption and theory is much better learned by others. Five questions about Neo, Trinity and the return of the business.

No one forgot: Neo was dead by the end of Matrix Revolutions .. And Oracle replied that he would definitely come back to Sati someday, but the word sounded very vague and sounded like a simple calm conclusion – or the fact that a other form of choice would certainly come back.

corn Resurrection It obviously bears this name. Neo is back and living in what looks like “reality” Like the beginning of the early womb .. Blue pills and healing rituals to deal with the subway, work, sleep, depression, and his existential discomfort. Clearly returning to the square, unaware of what is going on behind the scenes, with sleeping heroes, prisoners and behind the scenes.

He’s certainly lost his memory, Proof that it’s the same neo, not his power. But is it the same neo? Is this the face that we recognize (a distorted and unrecognizable reflection in the mirror)?

Was Neo revived for the eternal start of the same war, or was it heralded as a mess at the end of the trilogy? Are you trapped in the same matrix for the same reason? Or is he in a new, deeper level of virtuality reserved for lost souls like him and Trinity?

Neo wasn’t the only one who apparently lost his memory. Trinity wanders this same pseudo-normal world away from her accomplishments and her knowledge, to the public, and from the start of the trilogy. But she’s also buried memories from another world, and some of her recognize her great love, Neo. revolution..

there matrix Starting with Trinity looking for Neo and awakening, both here seem to be on the same level of unconsciousness The title speaks well Resurrection Due to the plural, the heroine also seems to be the focus of the equation.

But still the same question: Is this the same Trinity as the trilogy? ?? And has she lost her memory for the same reason as Neo? Why and how did they apparently lose these memories?

Given the preview of the action scene, Carrie-Anne Moss will be back on her bike and back to her fitness level. Therefore, his memory must be found alongside Neo as well as his acquaintances. Maybe the duo will open their eyes to this deceptive reality and dive into the void to wake up again.

It was a big question: why isn’t Laurence Fishburne? Doesn’t return to Morpheus like Neo and Trinity, To reform the Holy Trinity of the Trinity Cult? More intriguing questions as the character was alive at the end of the revolution..And this Niobe (Jada Pinkett Smith), who was with him after the raid de Zion, is back. Resurrection..

There is no proof of Laurence Fishburne in this first trailer. Still, the ghost of Morpheus is there. However, the face of actor Yahya Abdul Matine II in the Watchers series.

Impossible not to think of Morpheus in front of this (new?) Character. He has a shaved head, wears small oval glasses without arms, gives Neo a red pill and invites him to travel, and seems to know a lot about the real world, apparently forcing her to practice in the temple in the setting referring to the First Matrix.

However, this character is also shown in more vulnerable situations, such as facing his reflexes in a less Catholic mirror. Is this Morpheus young, as rumors have been saying for months? Or is it another version of another real character? In any case, among the many mirror effects of the trailer (see some major scenes from the first film), this almost morphius is particularly emphasized.

In a dream that Neo announces his shrinkage (recognizing him as Thomas Anderson) The machine seems to manipulate Neo and seems to fix him, It would mean that the return of the chosen one would have been caused by them. Shortly thereafter, under a red light, Neo emerged from his breeding pod, Wake up in the real world, before there was another pod .. Trinity maybe? What is his explanation for his return to The Matrix with Neo?

The trailer will also be shown A City of Machines That Continues to Feed Humans. Therefore, the deal Neo made with her before her death to establish a ceasefire would not be honored and humanity would survive on board. On the other hand, there are no pictures of Zion or other people in the real world.

Has mankind’s last city been destroyed by machines? Where are Morpheus, Link, Kid, Niobe and the other survivors? Matrix: Revolutions ?? Especially since Jada Pinkett Smith, the captain of Logos and Morpheus’ ex-lover, could appear in the film. deadline..

Why are there so many echoes at the start of the matrix? In addition to the character played by Yaya Abdul Matine II, who recreates some famous scenes, the blue-haired woman played by Jessica Henwick wears a bunny tattoo (Dujour aka Rabbit in the first film). Like a girl). I’m looking for Neo to start (like Trinity).

Neo and Trinity relive familiar moments as well: Trinity sits in a dark room watching an aerial pirouette, Neo is awkward in the lobby of a building facing a bullet, or under a drop of water. on the roof of the building is a helicopter… Resurrection matrix The trailer intentionally evokes a lot of memories.

Of course, the feeling of pointing fingers at the buried memories of Neo and Trinity, who have a deep sense of knowing each other when they reunite. The real question then becomes fascinating: are these echo effects there for the enjoyment of the general public (in other words: pure fan service), or is that the subject of the film?

And if this time draws a circle, this eternal beginning is at the heart of the Matrix trilogy Was it the center of this fourth piece? What if these destinies were ruthlessly pre-written and were the driving force behind the storyline until they lost their meaning? What if the character really jumps in to find himself and has to face and relive his memory for it? What if Resurrection Faced with what comes after the final useless hero of Revolution ??

Cloud Atlas It was already a magical experience at the crossroads of time, and Sens8, At the intersection of spaces. Matrix Resurrection You can combine the best of both worlds, The connection is clear. Matrix 4 Co-written by David Mitchell (author of the book Atlas of the Clouds) and Alexander Hemon, co-author of the latest Sens8 episode.

Matrix Resurrection First Trailer You can also compile action scenes to create pure, regressive arousal effects that give no clue to your storyline. After all, it’s quite the opposite, much better.

We can only expect the mystery to be nearly complete by December 15, the film’s release date.

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