The French Red Cross manages 72 training establishments spread across 12 regional health and social training institutes. But the training sector of the Red Cross is in the red. Excluded from the Ségur de la santé, the executives and caregivers of the Red Cross institutes were not entitled to the bonus which devotes 8.2 billion euros per year to the upgrading of professions in health establishments.

“The training centers which depend on the hospitals have benefited from Ségur and we have not. The State refuses it because we are not attached to a hospital center”, declares Béatrice Acquart, trainer at the Regional Institute of nursing training (IFSI) in Toulouse.

The trainers of the regional training institutes are on strike this Monday, September 06, “today, we have decided on a national collective movement, so the 12 regional institutes of health and social training (IRFSS) are on strike this afternoon But the initial root of the movement is dissatisfaction with Ségur “, underlines Béatrice Acquart.

Our colleagues who do the same work as us in the hospitals have received the premium from Ségur de la santé and we have nothing.

In Toulouse, there are about fifty trainers within the training institute. 210 students are enrolled in the first year, 156 in the second year and 140 students in the third year. Béatrice Acquart, health manager and trainer for the second years in nursing for 9 years, is part of the Inter regional institutes collective for health and social training.

In the health sector, we do the same job, we are all caregivers. At the end of a career, there can be a 45% difference in salary between a person who is a trainer at the hospital and us. It’s huge, we have calculated, it makes about 1,000 euros for health executives. At the present time, the nurses that we train, after 3 years receive practically the same salary as us (around 2,000 to 2,100 euros) with several years of experience.

An even more alarming finding according to Béatrice Acquart “concerns all employees of the French Red Cross. In 2006 the index point was 4.29 euros and in 2021 it was 4.48, ie a 4.4% increase. in 15 years, the increases are catastrophic, we are very, very far from the increase in the impact of life “.

For the first time, a collective bringing together all the employees of the French Red Cross training sector from all regions is calling for mobilization to defend the right to work calmly with a decent salary. They are asking for a catch-up of the Ségur de la santé measures in their entirety with retroactive effect, and salary recognition in view of the diplomas, the missions entrusted and the experience acquired.

19,000 students are in training leading to qualifications in the health sector. The French Red Cross offers 9 types of health training: