Excluded for his opinions. Actor Lambert Wilson denounced on Tuesday December 21 on Canal the fact of having been fired from Greenpeace because of his statements about Roman Polanski. He had indeed criticized a “media lynching” during the Caesar 2020 ceremony, after the award received by the director accused of rape and sexual assault. A counter-current point of view that led him to be excluded from the environmental NGO. Lambert Wilson denies having wanted to “condone” the actions of Roman Polanski. “I had reservations about the Caesar ceremony and the way it went,” he explained.

Lambert Wilson expressed his opinion on franceinfo shortly after the 2020 ceremony. “I was fired two days later without further legal action,” he told Canal. A decision that hurts him given his 20 years of service with the organization. “This is what is now called the famous ‘cancel mentality’ … I was told: Greenpeace underwriters cannot stand someone who supports these words.” Questioned by Le Point, Greenpeace confirmed the reasons for this separation.

The cases concerning Roman Polanski are however not related to the environmental question, but Greenpeace assumes this overrun. On her French page, she thus defends a feminist or anti-racist position, judging that “there is an interconnection between the oppression of women and the oppression of nature as forms of domination inscribed in the same system”. Or that racism “is intrinsically linked to the destruction of the environment”.

Ref: https://www.valeursactuelles.com