A column of black smoke, visible for miles around Compiègne. The André-Mahé gymnasium in Choisy-au-Bac is on fire. The mayor, his elected officials, residents, sports associations, watch helplessly, a few meters away, their gymnasium go up in smoke. “When I got there, around 12:10 pm, I cried. It’s apocalyptic “, testifies the mayor of the town, Jean-Luc Mignard.

According to the first elements collected on the spot, the fire was of accidental origin. It occurred during work carried out on the roof to ensure its waterproofing. “It started yesterday, the workers were working with gas canisters. They tried to put out the fire with a fire extinguisher first, but it got too big. They got out with the warden and called for help, being careful not to leave any canisters inside. “

A large fire brigade was deployed to contain the flames in one place and prevent the entire roof from collapsing onto the building. A drone responsible for locating heat points also flew over the site. “Seen as it’s gone, all that will be left is ashes from this gymnasium,” sighs a neighbor.

In this municipality of 3,300 inhabitants, it is the consternation, the very tragedy. The building, built in 1995, is used by many sports associations, it includes two dojos, tennis courts, table tennis, a dance hall, a club house … In total, around ten sports associations use it. which represents around 850 licensees.

If the part housing more particularly tennis seems less affected, nothing is certain. “There are 220 of us just for tennis. We had all our papers, contribution checks, all our equipment. We had even created a small shop for members, ”explains a manager of the Choisy-au-Bac tennis club. “Where are we all going to go?” One player asks.

The mayor and the services of the Agglomeration of the Compiègne region (ARC) are currently working to find a solution so that the sportsmen of Choisy-au-Bac can continue to practice their activities.

Ref: https://www.leparisien.fr