While fans of the license have long been clamoring for some changes to the FUT Draft mode, they may well get their way with FIFA 22.

FIFA 22 is just around the corner, and fans can’t wait to dive into a new season of trading and trading in Ultimate Team. At the same time, with the arrival of FUT Heroes and new ICON cards, there is more to be gained than ever.

Opening packs is a fundamental part of Ultimate Team, and FUT Draft mode was introduced as a way to quickly earn rewards. However, the often disappointing rewards obtained in Draft have caused many players to turn their backs on the mode.

However, according to another leak, FIFA 22’s Draft mode could benefit from a number of beneficial changes, long requested by the community.

FUT Draft is a mode in which fans spend 15,000 credits to build a squad from a series of player choices. They then use that team to play for up to 4 games, with the rewards increasing as the wins stack up.

Unfortunately, the random nature of opening FUT packs, often criticized by players, has cast a shadow over this mode. However, that could all change with the arrival of FIFA 22.

According to FutSpy, a well-known leaker, EA is looking to solve this problem by adding new rewards up for grabs. Indeed, the leaker discovered lines of code suggesting that the rewards would now include certain cards with a guaranteed ranking, some of 82 or higher and others of 83 or higher.

This would be just another way of ensuring that those who go further are always rewarded for their efforts and that packs are much more likely to be worth 15,000 credits or more. Enough to allow players to repay the credits invested, and perhaps even increase the stake.

While nothing has been confirmed by EA yet, this prospect should appeal to longtime fans, who have been clamoring for a boost to the mode for years.

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