Antoine Kombouaré changed it. Irregular last season, FC Nantes goalkeeper Alban Lafont has changed and is now performing very well. With the highlight being his matches against PSG and Lille. To the point of claiming a place in the French team?

We could almost forget his age, only 22 years old. After a complicated season, like his team, FC Nantes goalkeeper Alban Lafont stepped on the accelerator again. Excellent on his line – one of his main qualities since his debut – the young captain comes out of two huge performances against top names in the championship, Paris Saint-Germain and Lille. Against the Mastiffs, the ex-porter of TéFéCé and Fiorentina even allowed himself to deflect a penalty, the first arrested in Ligue 1, this season. What attract the attention of Didier Deschamps and try to shake up the hierarchy behind Hugo Lloris?

By disembarking at La Jonelière to save the Yellow House, Antoine Kombouaré did much more than allow his training club to remain in the top flight for at least one additional season. He’s also grown a squad and manages to get the best out of a lot. This is the case of the former protégé of David Marraud. “When I arrived here, I found a goalkeeper who was in difficulty, who doubted, let go of Kanak before the Marseille reception on Wednesday evening. This level, knowing his qualities, it was not possible . He was not in it and he is largely responsible. “

It has reached a milestone in terms of maturity. The captain’s armband gives him responsibilities and he likes it. Today he is happy.

The problem is that “he was not working”, says Kombouaré. The situation has changed. Its performance is affected. “He is a boy who can be decisive in a match, he can earn points in a season, a few months ago his former coach at the Pôle Espoir federal de Castelmaurou, in Haute-Garonne, assured him. is not deceived. After having released the big game against Metz at the start of the season, then facing the promoted Trojan, Alban Lafont has further raised the bar in his last two matches. “He likes these meetings, says Pedro Chirivella. We know we can count on him. “

With the second best average for a goalkeeper in the daily L’Equipe (5.93) and in the top 5 goalkeepers who make the most saves with already 45 saves on the clock, the former Bleuet in more than 200 matches in professional is one of the sure values ​​of the Yellows this season. “This year, he’s a great Alban, is satisfied the successor of Raymond Domenech. It’s a very important element for the team, on the field and outside. He is more mature. The captain’s armband gives him responsibilities and he enjoys it. Today, he is fulfilled. “

I have no doubt that Didier Deschamps has an eye on him. Now it’s up to him to do whatever it takes to knock on the door someday.

From there to say that he has crossed a course? “Every time I have a good match, I am asked this question”, annoys the player under contract with the Canaries until June 2024. His sometimes imprecise kicking game which places him on the podium of players who have missed the most clearances? “There is a lot of talk about my kicking game but I don’t agree, he says. I still have to improve in a number of areas and I am working very hard to get there.” With the declared ambition of one day to integrate the France A team. “I have no doubt that Didier Deschamps is keeping an eye on him, breathes Antoine Kombouaré. Now, it’s up to him to do what it takes to one day knocking on the door. ” Starting with a new XXL match against OM.

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