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Lieutenant General Jose Faustino Jr., Chief of Staff of the Philippine Armed Forces ( AFP), received CA approval for his promotion to full general on Wednesday September 15.

Fautino received his fourth star less than two months before his forced retirement on November 12, his 56th birthday.

“The AFP leadership is grateful for the Commission’s continued trust and support for appointments, while w e rise in the military ranks and take on greater responsibility to serve our country, ”he said.

Faustino, a native of Benguet, is the 56th and acting Chief of Staff of the AFP. He is a product of the “Maringal” class of the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) from 1988.

He is the tenth military chief appointed by President Duterte as Commander-in-Chief during his five-year tenure. It’s one less official – but likely the same – former Pres. Gloria Arroyo’s eleven Chiefs of Staff in her nine years in office.

Among them were Major General Bartolome Bacarro, Commander of Southern Luzon Command (SOLCOM), who is now Lieutenant General (three stars); and brig. General Roberto Capulong, Chief of Staff of the Philippine Army, who was promoted to Major General (two-star).

The CA also approved the appointment of Col. George Joel Lalaquil as Brigadier General (one star); Brig. General Peter Angelo Ramos major general; and Navy Captain Juan Ilagan to Commodore (one star, Filipino Navy).

The CA also confirmed the promotion of Rear Admiral Adeluis Bordado, Filipino Flag Officer of the Navy, to Vice Admiral (three stars); and by Brig. Gen. Robert Velasco, Inocencio Pasaporte and Augusto Gaite.

24 colonels in the Philippine Army, three captains of the Philippine Navy and one colonel in the Navy received confirmation of their promotion.

The promotions of Col. Perpetuo Tan Jr. of the Veterinary Corps, Col. Jesus, were also confirmed Francisco Torbela of the Corps of Professors and Col. Rene Tambago of the Kaplan Service.

Faustino said the promotion of military officers represents the AFP’s “longstanding commitment to strengthening the professionalism that helps effectively and efficiently perform its mandate.”

“We will prove to the Filipino people that we are worthy of living up to the ranks given to us by the national government,” said the AFP chief.