If dad is a frequent flyer, give him the gift of style â ???? and function â ???? with a great weekend bag. Whether he’s a business traveler or a weekend vacationer, he’ll look great and pack better with standout pieces from Away, Baboon, Coach, and more. Take your father’s special needs into account: For fathers with back problems, choose something more ergonomic, perhaps with a padded harness. And for the more adventurous, look for something a little more durable that can withstand the elements. Ready to go shopping? Here are the best weekender bags to buy this Father’s Day.

As someone who religiously only flies with hand luggage, this bag fits your father’s lifestyle. It fits clothes for a week and the bag is reinforced for the traveler who uses a special bag for all trips. With four external handles, it is designed to last and can pull your bag out of the overcrowded overhead bins on a summer flight. $ 199.

Choose this weekend bag and pack everything your dad needs for a getaway. This offers space for two water bottles (one for mom) and a padded laptop bag in case he has to do a few emails before the weekend. It has durable metal zippers for a traveler who needs functionality over fashion. $ 88.

Choose this bag for the traveling dad who never has a hair out of place. It is smooth and also water (and dust) resistant. With leather trimmings, it is suitable for both work and family outings. It’s a versatile piece of luggage with internal pockets to hold all of the travel-size toiletries that he always carries with him. $ 225.

For a casual, sporty look, this dad makes a statement anywhere with this surprisingly spacious gym bag made of glove-tanned leather, which can easily be used as a weekend bag. The bag is closed with the characteristic twist lock from Coach, is decorated with red accents and equipped with interchangeable straps for carrying as a shoulder or crossbody bag. $ 495.

Ideal for fathers who think of themselves as “classics”. This waterproof canvas paired with leather accents results in a timeless bag. It’s both durable and practical with a reinforced base and studded feet. It even comes with a padded bag that is 15â ???? fits. Laptops and shoulder strap. $ 215.

Designed by men who have loved to play golf since the 1970s, this is a bag that takes every little detail into account. It has a clamshell design and five mesh pockets to organize golf equipment and more. Don’t forget the heavy-duty 10-gauge zipper that works seamlessly even when your dad is wearing his golf glove. $ 175.

A household name â ???? This Yeti travel bag lives up to its name. With two dividers and compression straps, it exceeds all duffle expectations and makes unpacking a hassle-free endeavor. No need to refold or remove all of the contents of the bag to find your belongings. This is the ultimate bag for the organized dad and traveler. 199 US dollars.

In the time when “water-repellent” is the standard, the â ???? Coastâ ???? Travel bag is built waterproof. The seams are heat-sealed and the bag has a roll-top closure that prevents liquids from entering. For the father who has to be prepared for everything while maintaining stylish composure. $ 160.

Is the theme for the weekend “Southern France” ?????? You can spend the weekend with this bag, which comes with special pockets for dad’s passport, umbrella and even the book of the week. The bag has thought of everything and remains fashionable without losing its function. And despite the appearance of a heavy canvas travel bag, it’s lightweight and maintains its structure when it’s on the go, wherever your dad goes. $ 395.

Designed in the style of masonry tool bags, this wide mouth, strapless travel bag will meet all of your dad’s high expectations. An inside pocket can accommodate a laptop and bulky items. It doesn’t stop at a double digit price tag for the savvy buyer. $ 55.

I’m a NYC based writer who covers Travel, Food, & Drink, and Culture for GQ, Food & Wine, Paper, Vice, Architectural Digest, Punch, and Eater, among others. I’ve been the most

I’m a NYC based writer covering travel, food, & drink and culture for GQ, Food & Wine, Paper, Vice, Architectural Digest, Punch, and Eater, among others. Most recently I was Deputy Digital Editor at Saveur and previously as Assistant Food & Drink Editor at Time Out New York. In May 2018, I was named the winner of The Spirits Business’s annual Alan Lodge Young International Drinks Writer Award.

Originally from Houston, Texas, I graduated from high school at age 16 before studying journalism at NYU. In addition to my editorial work, I have over 10 years of experience in the hotel industry as a barista, bartender and consultant. In 2019, I worked with Sunflower Mission, a non-profit educational organization that empowers students in Vietnam to create a scholarship for those studying hospitality and culinary areas. Follow me on Instagram @danqdao.

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