A fatal accident occurred this morning on the departmental road 929 in Ovillers la Boisselle, near Albert. A detour is set up at the Albert roundabout.

A fatal accident on the roads of the Somme occurred this morning around 10:20 am in Ovillers la Boisselle, near Albert.

A 62-year-old man died in a collision between a truck and a van where he was seated in the passenger seat. The driver of the van is seriously injured. The driver of the truck comes out unscathed.

A portion of the Departmental 929 on the Albert / Bapaume axis is cut. A detour is in place at the Albert roundabout.

Tension in the Limoges University Hospital emergency room: “One night 50 patients slept on stretchers”

Three farmers judged this Wednesday in Dijon for the damage caused during the demonstration of April 6

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