The aunt of a 6-year-old Israeli boy whose family was killed in a cable car crash in Italy in May, and who was allegedly taken to Israel by his grandfather on Saturday, has denied that the child was abducted in full guardianship conflict which intensifies.

“We have not taken Eitan and we will not use that word,” Gali Peleg, the boy’s maternal aunt, said in an interview with Radio103FM. “We brought Eitan home. We had to do this after receiving no information about his health or mental condition. If the judge hadn’t scheduled meetings [with the child], we wouldn’t have seen him. “

Fourteen people, including Eitan’s father Amit Biran, 30, his mother Tal Peleg-Biran, 26, his brother Tom, 2, and his great-grandparents from Tel Aviv, Barbara, 71, and Yitzhak Cohen, 81, was killed in the May 24 crash after a cable broke on the cable car that took visitors to the top of Mottarone Mountain in the Piedmont region. The five people were buried in Israel a few days later.

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Last month, Ms Peleg said she started legal proceedings to adopt her nephew.

Eitan’s current legal guardian, Aya Biran-Nirko, the sister of the late father of the child, based in Italy, lodged a complaint with the Italian police, claiming he had been abducted by his maternal grandfather , Shmuel Peleg, last Saturday.

Eitan left his home in Fabia, northern Italy, with Peleg on Saturday morning, but did not return early in the evening as agreed, according to press reports. Biran-Nirko repeatedly tried to reach Peleg until she received a message from him saying “Eitan had returned home”.

According to the public broadcaster Kan, the child’s trip to Israel was made possible because the Peleg family kept their Israeli passports, contrary to the order of an Italian judge.

A family friend, whose revealed identity is “A.D.”, told Channel 12 on Sunday that the Biran family were working with the Italian authorities to bring Eitan back to the country.

In August, Peleg accused Biran-Nirko of kidnapping the boy and preventing him from having a “normal childhood.” Although Eitan was raised in Italy, Peleg’s husband Ron Peri claimed that his Israeli parents never wanted him to grow up there and preferred that he receive a Jewish education in Israel.

In June, Marcella Severino, the mayor of the town of Stresa from which the cable car left, told an Italian newspaper that Biran-Nirko was “a constant presence in the child’s life, he is in good hands. “.

Eitan suffered severe trauma in the accident and Biran-Nirko took care of his hospital care and recovery, although Peri said the arrangement was to be temporary.

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