Two months after the collapse of two buildings on rue de la Rousselle, another building, located at 85 cours Victor Hugo, is the subject of an imminent peril, announced the City of Bordeaux on Friday August 27 at the end of afternoon, following the discovery of a major crack.

Five other nearby buildings are affected by an access and living decree: 83 and 87 cours Victor Hugo, 35 and 36 rue Buhan and 22 rue Teulère. Three businesses are subject to an operating ban.

“Following the report of the condominium association on August 26 as to the state of deterioration of the exterior of the building, the City of Bordeaux ordered a visit to 85 cours Victor Hugo on Friday, August 27 in the morning,” said the press release. of town hall. “This made it possible to confirm the structural degradation of the building, the imminent danger of which was established by decree during the day. ”

Guarding has been put in place to prevent access to the security perimeter including the six buildings. Rue Buhan and a lane in Cours Victor are no longer accessible to traffic.

On site, Friday, around 7 p.m., a student came to pick up some things, accompanied by her mother:

“I live at 83. I received an email from my real estate agency this afternoon, which informed me of the situation. I wasn’t even called. I’m a little distraught, I don’t know when I could come home. ”

Present on the scene, Stéphane Pfeiffer, deputy in charge of housing, answered questions from concerned residents. He also drew up a first human toll of the evacuation:

“33 dwellings are concerned, ie between 55 and 70 people. Some of them have been relocated by the owners, another part by their own means. The CCAS is also mobilized, but we do not have any requests yet. People absent or gone on vacation will no longer be able to access their accommodation from 9 p.m. We will surely have more requests by then. “

Rue Buhan, at the corner of Cours Victor Hugo, an owner of an evacuated building has just arrived, alerted by the condominium association:

“I rented to a student, she was able to find a solution with a loved one. Above all, I fear that the situation will perpetuate itself. We do not clean the channels, we do not check the roofs, there is infiltration … It is common in Bordeaux. You have to take care of the buildings, force the owners to have maintenance contracts, and not wait. That can not continue. ”

The city has requested the appointment of an expert from the administrative court. The latter must be designated within 24 hours. He will assess the dangerousness of the situation and adapt the security recommendations accordingly.

The residents concerned can contact the district town hall on 05 24 57 68 90, or the town switchboard on 05 56 10 20 30 (open on weekends). On Monday August 30, at 6 p.m., a meeting for residents and condominium associations is scheduled at the Municipal Athenaeum.