Technology: With a 40% increase in its number of subscribers in one year, Facebook’s professional platform continues to develop and offers new features to improve the experience of its users.


Stephanie condon

Wednesday 05 May 2021

Facebook announced Tuesday that Workplace, its business communications platform, now has 7 million paid subscribers, a 40% increase from last year.

As the platform grows rapidly, Facebook has announced a number of new features aimed at providing a better experience for employees. New features include improvements to live video, integrations to new platforms, and tools that focus on diversity and inclusion.

In a blog post, the social network insists that “employees today have new expectations of their leaders and their companies. The challenge is how they turn those expectations into a reality. (…) For us, EX’s goal is to make people more connected to the goal of their business. Because we believe that people who have a purpose are more invested in their work ”.

Part of this effort is focused on live video. Facebook is integrating a new question-and-answer feature into Workplace’s live video tool. This feature allows a presenter to click on a question submitted by employees and bring it to the middle of the screen. From the presenter’s perspective, the question card will include the profile information of the employee who asked the question.

In addition, Facebook is building on its previously announced partnership with Cisco by providing streamlined integration of Webex into Workplace. Hosts can get started in Webex and easily stream live to their audience on Workplace.

Facebook also offers new plugins and integrations. For example, users will now be able to share Workplace content on third-party sites like Microsoft SharePoint. They will also be able to synchronize Workplace events with third-party calendars, including those in Outlook or Gmail. Additionally, Facebook has added new functionality to its APIs, so that organizations can add content from other platforms to Knowledge Library, which is Workplace’s version of an intranet.

EX-focused features also include tools that encourage self-expression and self-expression, with the goal of helping organizations emphasize the importance of diversity and inclusion. This month, Workplace users will be able to add the pronunciation of their name to their personal profile, and it will appear in the Q&A of live videos. In addition, Facebook offers new skin colors for its emojis.

This month, Workplace users will be able to add the pronunciation of their name to their personal profile.

Facebook is also boosting internal developer support for Rust after targeting frameworks written in …

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Stephanie condon

Wednesday 05 May 2021

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