Facebook’s reputation at half mast, long live Meta. Mark Zuckerberg has formalized the change of the name of the company that structures its technological empire on the occasion of the opening of the Facebook Connect conference, this Thursday, October 28. The Facebook holding company will now be called Meta in reference to the importance taken by the metaverse in the group’s activities. An initiative read by detractors of the company as a way to break away from the many cases that have tarnished the image of the Facebook brand for several years.

In the same way that Google is hosted under the aegis of the company Alphabet, the social network Facebook, the Instagram and WhatsApp platforms but also the Oculus virtual reality headsets become simple subsidiaries of the new Meta entity.

Symbolized by a new logo combining an “M” and the infinity symbol, Meta reflects the new ambitions of Mark Zuckerberg in the metaverse. The billionaire detailed for nearly an hour and a half his vision of this immersive virtual universe supposed to overcome the constraints of the mobile internet by bringing a feeling of presence in worlds shared in three dimensions.

Facebook has announced significant investments to build this platform. 10,000 people will be hired over the next five years in Europe to double the workforce of the Reality Labs division, responsible for developing the experiences of this universe in the United States under the direction of Andrew Bosworth, a close friend of Zuckerberg who will be promoted to director of Facebook technology next year. Mark Zuckeberg hopes a billion people will connect to the Metaverse within the next decade.

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