The antivax figure denied on Twitter, with much exclamation points, that he spoke to a journalist from the Journal du Dimanche. Before back-pedaling.

Twitter is the favorite place of expression for lawyer Fabrice Di Vizio. Or defamation? The messages could have slipped into the flood of tweets published daily by this very agitated lawyer who regularly speaks at Cyril Hanouna in “Touche pas à mon poste!”. They deserve our attention. On September 13, after the publication by the Journal du Dimanche of an article entitled Grouped complaints, 25,000 euros per month … Behind the scenes of the business of Di Vizio, the lawyer of anti-pass, this figure of antivax retorts: “Does anyone know where this figure comes from (25,000 euros per month, editor’s note)? Me no! It seems that I told the reporter this one but since I never spoke to the reporter … I can’t see … “. Taking a keen interest in the core of Di Vizio’s professional activity, the article explores his practice of “judicial harassment,” to use his own term.

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Problem, the public law specialist actually spoke to journalist Emmanuelle Souffi. Who reminds him of the same day, on the same channel: “Dear Sir, I imagine you are very much in demand. This must explain the fact that you forgot that we spoke on August 13th around 10am. Good evening.” Cyril Petit, deputy editor of the JDD, also goes there with his tweet. But the damage is done: Fabrice Di Vizio’s message has been loved hundreds of times by his followers (who came en masse with – thanks to? – the health crisis). “We conducted an interview of about an hour on Friday August 13,” Emmanuelle Souffi told Le Figaro. An appointment set by the person himself. Text messages prove it. “But it is not impossible that he forgot, since he disperses a lot …”, explains our colleague.

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Dear sir, I imagine you are very busy … This must explain the fact that you forgot that we spoke on 08/13 around 10am. Have a nice day

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The lawyer also realized his blunder, since after denying having spoken to the journalist, the latter decided to deny the elements of the article. A mishmash that is difficult to understand, especially on the subject of his remuneration. In front of the journalist’s responses, the lawyer backpedals. Until a mea culpa, formulated at the tips of your fingers: “Ah okay so we have been talking about my compensation as a manager for years unrelated to complaints! Sorry, I didn’t understand! Misunderstanding resolved! ”He finally conceded.

Well yes but no! Because on August 13 the complaints did not exist! The adspe site was only created on August 25! Finally, I did not file a complaint against sibeth ndiaye and I did not create the C19 collective which was never mentioned during our conversation!