Fabien Roussel at the National Assembly, in Paris, January 22, 2020 (Denis ALLARD / Photo Denis Allard for Libérat)

Vintage is all the rage. It was believed that the Communists were definitely a thing of the past â € “; that they would rehash their story to infinity. We had taken a wrong turn. The reds are back. They make people talk. Fabien Roussel, national secretary since 2018, squats all the televisions and the airwaves. A good customer, as we say in the jargon. The Communist presidential candidate is also touring the country. Straightforward style. Not the type to take shortcuts. He avoids the words that lead. The deputy of the North gives the feeling of leaning on the local bar. A way of making oneself understood by the greatest number.

A strategy that pays off. The Communist is certainly still low to the ground in the polls, but he meets a certain (small) success of esteem. Compliments do not always come from his camp, far from it. It suffices to strain your ears a little to pick up sweet words coming from the other side of the barricade. Walkers and the right find it interestingâ ????; the animator of Europe 1, Sonia Mabrouk, greets him in private â ????; the philosopher Alain Finkielkraut thinks well of it publicly. Fabien Roussel aâ ?? ¦

Ref: https://www.liberation.fr