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Explosive price tag on the scenic Monster Hunter Rise Collector’s Edition Nintendo Switch game

Discover the Monster Hunter Rise with its perfect blend of adrenaline and exploration. We discover a stunning and totally immersive landscape. The game takes us back to a Japanese, medieval and fantasy atmosphere, providing a mind-blowing experience. In addition, you can conquer this fascinating world for less than 95 €.

Monster Hunter Rise begins with a wide range of comprehensive customization tools. One example is the hunter setup which allows for meticulous customization of every detail of the character, ranging from hair, physique, face, and more. In addition, it is possible to choose the language of the protagonists, in particular in Japanese or in the fictitious language of the monsters.

The story takes place in the village of Kamura which sits atop a peaceful mountain. From the first viewing, we can only notice the superior quality of the game. Indeed, Monster Hunter Rise sports an approach worthy of big cinema with the voice-over and the grainy filter. Nonetheless, this is not surprising, because Monster Hunter has long stood out in the field of portable platforms and Nintendo consoles.

Monster Hunter Rise, in this new version, offers the company of a Chumsky, a fast and efficient wolfdog. In addition, you can configure its coat, ears, eyes, etc. Once the creation of your companion is complete, all you have to do is ride him through your journey.

Besides the Chumsky, there are also the Filoptères, which prove to be of great use in accomplishing certain missions. These are insects that build silk threads capable of propelling in any direction.

Although Monster Hunter Rise can be played entirely solo, it doesn’t rule out multi-party hunts. Indeed, it is possible to play it in multiplayer for exciting adventures.

This fabulous hunting game, Monster Hunter Rise, is available to you for the sum of € 89.99. (By the way, don’t forget that the 4K HDR10 PRO LED TV is currently at a very attractive price.)

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