While it was believed the gas explosion in the rue de Trévise – which left 4 dead and 66 injured on January 12, 2019 – due to the leak of a wastewater collector, a new expertise seems to point the finger at a defect “on the surface”, at the level of the road network.

In any case, these are the conclusions of a report written by a geotechnical specialist commissioned by the Paris court to assess the soil on rue de Trévise. “It seems that the origin of the disaster is to be found on the surface, on the road”, we can read in this note dated July 28 and broadcast by Le Parisien this Monday September 6.

“The search for the engine or engines for decompaction of the embankments is to be compared to an event on sidewalks or at the level of the gutter”, concludes in fact the specialist after about thirty pages of expertise. A rebound that could reshuffle the cards, while justice is still looking for the cause or causes of the disaster.

As a reminder, in this investigation carried out by Parisian examining magistrates, the Paris town hall and the property manager of the building were indicted for “involuntary homicides and injuries” and “destruction, degradation or deterioration by the building. effect of an explosion or fire ”. Experts appointed by the courts had noted, in a first report, “failures” of the city’s road service, without incriminating GRDF.

They had again pointed out a “lack of vigilance” on the part of the city of Paris, in their final report delivered in May 2020, and also questioned the building’s co-ownership manager as well as Fayolle, the construction company in charge of November 2016 to carry out work on the sidewalk. The latter has been placed under the intermediary status of assisted witness in the ongoing investigation.

An interminable wait for the victims, who desperately want to be compensated. At the beginning of August, a mediator was also appointed by the Paris judicial court in order to obtain an agreement on compensation for the victims. “A mediation is in place”, then confirmed Me Olivier Morice, the lawyer for 17 civil parties, without giving more details on the content of his mission.

Proposed by the presidency of the judicial tribunal of Paris, this mediation aims to bring together the different parties – that is to say the victims, the City of Paris, the condominiums, insurers or even GRDF … – in order to ” lead to a compensation agreement.

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Ref: https://www.cnews.fr