The announcement represents an important step, if not capital, in the development of the internet: Thursday, the boss of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, unveiled the new name of his group, Meta. A more than explicit reference to the metaverse, a virtual universe parallel to the real world of which the digital giant wants to be a “locomotive”. Exceptional guest of the morning of Europe 1, Friday, Laurent Solly, CEO of Facebook France, returned at length to the importance of the metaverse, an authentic “technological revolution” in his words.

“This is the new chapter of the internet, the future of technology”, affirms Laurent Solly, who evokes a “new frontier” in our lives in the 21st century, with “the creation of virtual digital environments where you can exchange almost like in physical space “. How can we simply define this functioning, which still seems obscure to many citizens? “You will be able to create your avatar and have just about all the activities and social interactions that we experience in the physical world”, defines the leader in Dimitri Pavlenko’s morning.

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Conducting meetings with colleagues, reuniting with distant relatives, having fun by attending a concert on the other side of the world… Nothing seems to be able to escape the intrusion of the metaverse into the lives of Internet users. “It’s really something that will upset and change the world”, insists Laurent Solly, rave about this “total ecosystem”.

Thanks to virtual reality, everyone could therefore enter the metaverse and develop a secondary existence there, a little on the model of the Second Life video game, released in 2007. And Facebook, now Meta, which denies being the one. architect and unique creator, wishes to make it “a collective construction” beyond the States.

To achieve this, the American group recently announced the recruitment of 10,000 people in Europe. “Europe has a chance with the metaverse”, wants to believe Laurent Solly, “because behind the virtual spaces which one evokes, they are the jobs of tomorrow”. And the parallel lives of the day after tomorrow.

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