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His new album titled Alpha (Wagram records) has just been released. A record that Julien Voulzy designed in the company of Matthieu Chédid alias – M – who pushed him to put his emotions into texts, into music. “We’ve known each other since the age of 11,” says Julien Voulzy. Our fathers never worked together but we all went on vacation to Brittany with the Souchons, the Jonasz … On the other hand, our parents made sure not to put us in the same schools. So that we can work better, even if it didn’t really work … “

In 2015, Julien Voulzy lives with his mother Betty. Memories: “Not only did she have an incredible zest for life, but she was an outstanding cook. When I arrived with friends at three in the morning, she would cook us dinner. Incredible stuff! Stuffed crabs, couscous… While yelling at us, telling us that she didn’t want to hear a noise. That evening, however, he finds her tired. At 71, Betty – the one her husband Laurent Voulzy quoted in Rockcollection with the stanza “Betty laughed at my ball at zero …” – suffers from respiratory failure.

She wants to sleep on the sofa, her big son is going to sleep in the bedroom. When he wakes up, he finds her in a strange position. “I took her in my arms, and she stopped breathing. He then calls his little brother Nicolas (also a musician under the name of Lieutenant Nicholson) and his father Laurent, from whom she was separated. The latter is on the Eurostar to London, so he will make the round trip during the day. “After giving birth, my mother died in my arms,” ​​continues the 40-year-old. Since then, I still live with her. I haven’t touched anything, and I feel strangely good in this kind of museum. “

Then Julien Voulzy visits Matthieu Chedid and they sketch some songs. Until the release six years later of this album called Alpha, which looks like a cathartic tale in which Julien Voulzy summons his mother’s ghost. “She was the one who raised me above all,” recalls Julien. She was the boss at home, my father worked a lot. He kissed me at night when I was in bed, and the next day he was already gone. Sometimes we followed them on tours. Our dads were our heroes! *

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