World Ex-policewoman accused of being a serial killer of her own family

TRIAL The accused denies outright and is cold blooded

Ex-policewoman accused of orchestrating
the murder of five members of his family and his lover to receive life insurance: the trial of Nomia Ndlovu, chilling television series, fascinates
South Africans for two weeks.

The demeanor of the 46-year-old, wearing asymmetrical updos, frowning defiantly or striking incongruous poses, raising two fingers to form a frivolous victory V at the opening of the hearings, adds to the unease. And his composure in the face of terrible accusations takes his breath away.

On Monday resumption, the ex-policewoman in a bright green dress and shawl around her shoulders, grimaces, wrinkles her nose at the questions. His supple posture, a little too relaxed, seems to taunt the court. One after another, cousin, sister, boyfriend, niece, nephew and another relative were found dead between 2012 and 2017, clubbed, strangled or shot dead.

The accused is said to have taken out life and funeral insurance on behalf of her victims, and then claimed the money after their death. She denies everything altogether. “I am not the person who took out the insurance policies for my murdered sister,” she said in Tsonga, before translation. She is said to have made some 80,000 euros from her murderous business, according to the prosecution.

Contract killers are believed to have done most of the dirty work, but Nomia Ndlovu is said to have personally taken care of her sister Audrey, poisoning her tea before strangling her. She was still planning in 2018 to set fire to the house of another of her sisters, a mother of five, including a baby, when the envisaged killer broke down … and notified the police.

She explained to the man, accompanied by his so-called accomplice, in fact a police officer, that they had to first knock them out with sleeping pills and then fill their mouths with socks to stifle the screams.

A few days earlier, another hitman had faltered at the sight of the accused’s elderly mother. He gave up his job, asked the frail lady for a glass of water and left the house.

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