The French team gave a sad performance against Bosnia-Herzegovina (1-1) on Wednesday. Some observers have not hesitated to attack Didier Deschamps, as was the case with Jean Michel Larqué in the program “Rothen senflamme”. For this qualifying match for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, France offered a very poor game. Jean-Michel Larqué shared the boredom he experienced in front of his television.

“Honestly, I was pissed off. You tell yourself it’s back to school but there is no enthusiasm. There is nothing in this team! There is a spring that is broken, something that is broken, there is no enthusiasm but nothing at all! It doesn’t bother you, you don’t even have a little bit of hair standing up. 90 minutes to bother. “Source: RMC Sport

“When you consider that out of the two million registered footballers or the thousand professionals, you are not able to find a right-back when your incumbent is injured. And, in fact, the right-back holder you put on is a central defender who does not bring you anything when this corridor has been totally deserted. We played on a half-width! We therefore made the task of the defense easier. On the right side who was there? Anybody ! We played 35 meters wide. So I mean tactically it’s a total aberration. “Source: RMC Sport

But the RMC Sport consultant does not stop there as he also attacks the coach’s message to full-backs including Leo Dubois. “But what message does he send to the guys playing full back?” In Dubois, when Koundé was sent off, he told him “so now you’re going to play because I couldn’t find a right-back, I put a central defender and then finally, you were there in the back of the drawer. I’m taking you out. And you’re going to play right back. But what a message! “

In other words, we will have to do better against Ukraine on Saturday night because there is not much to take away from this meeting.

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