The boss of the supermarket chain also called on manufacturers not to take advantage of the crisis to increase their prices.

Michel-Ã ?? douard Leclerc was rather recovered, this Friday morning at the microphone of BFMTV, while about fifteen of his hypermarkets are concerned by the use of a sanitary pass at the entry for customers. He particularly regretted the confusion that can reign in the minds of consumers between stores that require it and those, smaller, that do not use the QR code. In addition, the boss of the Leclerc group wanted to send a message to manufacturers, asking them not to take advantage of the crisis and certain shortages to raise their prices.

“We are ultimately relatively little impacted by the health pass, immediately recognized Michel-à ?? douard Leclerc. Our network of 600 stores is rather on a human scale, and only about fifteen Leclerc centers, of more than 20,000 m², are concerned. “But for these centers,” it’s a shame ¨re for consumers ”, admitted the boss of the large distribution group. These stores have lost, according to Michel-à ?? douard Leclerc, 25% of turnover since the implementation of the pass. “We have an appointment with Bruno Le Maire on August 30 to take stock of the situation,” he added. We will ask for the removal or generalization of the pass. “And to add:” If the sanitary pass is not intended to be generalized, I ask for the end of the pass in the shopping centers. »

Regarding the presentation of the health pass for employees of these shopping centers, which will take effect on August 30, Michel-Ã ?? douard Leclerc has also assured that if this obligation were in place ” just for a few malls “, she would” set social relations on fire “. “We are not asking for that,” he continued. The solution is [the health pass] everywhere or nowhere. “

The CEO of Leclerc then took out his files to state, annoyed, the price increases announced by manufacturers following shortages of raw materials: 10% for pasta, 15 % for vinegar, 11% for olive oil … “[The industrialists are speculating on a future lack of availability of wheat, corn, etc … is it carried away. Some are taking advantage of the crisis! ”And to give the example of the increase in the price of wheat, which should not drastically increase the price of a packet of cereals. “We are going to fight with the distributors,” continued Michel-Ã ?? douard Leclerc. We are going to play our role of buyer, we are going to negotiate prices. We have no interest in increasing prices, purchasing power is our number one topic. “

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it is not a reassessment that is necessary but a total cancellation. This pass is illegal and has no health reason, on the contrary it makes people believe that the vaccinees are “healthy” while they can also transmit the virus ….

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