The ceremony was not broadcast live. A way, no doubt, to keep this moment so special for them a little longer. Prince William and Prince Harry unveiled this Thursday, July 1, a statue of their late mother Diana. A work that they themselves commissioned four years ago from the famous British sculptor Ian Rank-Broadley and installed in the gardens of Kensington Palace that she loved so much.

The date had not been chosen at random. Born on July 1, 1961, the Princess of Wales would have celebrated her 60th birthday today without the car accident that cost her her life one evening in August 1997 in Paris. Little was known about this monument. Or nothing. His two sons took care of removing the green sheet that covered him, bringing to light a bronze double of Lady Di in shirt and pants, surrounded by two young children.

On the rare images that the royal family has kindly transmitted to the press – only a photographer and a cameraman were present – William and Harry appear with a smile on their faces. Happy to reunite for a new tribute to their mother in the presence of their uncle Charles Spencer and their aunts Lady Sarah McCorquodale and Lady Jane Fellowes, whom they hugged warmly. The surprise came a little later with the publication of a joint statement from the two princes that few would have imagined reading after these last complicated months.

“On this day, which would have been our mother’s 60th birthday, we remember her love, her strength and her character. Qualities that have made her a force working for good in the world, changing countless numbers. lives for the best. Every day, we want her to be still with us and we hope that this statue will be seen forever as a symbol of her life and her heritage “, they write in this short text relayed by Kensington Palace . The two men then thank “for their remarkable work” the sculptor Ian Rank-Broadley as well as the landscape designer Pip Morrison, who completely redesigned the garden plot where the statue was installed. The duo finally addresses “the friends and donors who helped make this happen and all those around the world who have kept our mother’s memory alive.”

Should we see here the beginnings of a reconciliation between the two brothers? Nothing is less sure. It would have been a mistake not to stand together when shedding light on the heritage of their mother, the People’s Princess. The British press has been echoing for several months now of a completely fractured relationship between the two brothers since the youngest sent off his royal obligations. Some tabloids even mentioned an argument at the funeral of their grandfather Prince Philip in April, when they had not seen each other for more than a year. William did not speak to Harry at the reception at Windsor Castle following the funeral for fear that the content of the conversation would be immediately disclosed by Meghan, through Oprah Winfrey or by the network of Sussex “, assures Robert Lacey, specialist of the royal family, in a book which has just been released, entitled The Battle of the two brothers. The photos of little Lilibet Diana, the daughter of the Duke of Sussex born on June 4, could perhaps be used to break the ice.

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“Every day we wish she was still with us”: William and Harry united for their mother

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