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In a series of events that literally nobody saw coming, Andrew Bolt actually said something good once .

Andrew Bolt, the Conservative commentator who works for both Sky News and News Corp, actually condemned the government’s decision to prevent Australians from flying home from India. Strangely, Bolt went so far as to say that the ban “stinks of racism”.

In his latest Herald Sun column, Bolt said he was “ashamed” that the government was essentially a “crime” for it Indian-Australian citizens have made to return home and stated that the decision was based on “fear, ignorance and incompetence”.

“I hate people who play the racing card. But even I have to say now that I am ashamed of Australia, which makes it a crime for Indo-Australian citizens to return home, “Andrew Bolt opened his column.

” I reek of racism, 8000 Telling Indian Australians trying to get home to stay in India what the WA Prime Minister admitted was the “epicenter of death and destruction.” “

#AndrewBolt says he is “ashamed” that the government is “making it a crime for Indo-Australian citizens to return home”. He says it “stinks of racism”. #auspol pic.twitter.com/61bUBwnVAy

Bolt also noted that Australians of Indian descent may now feel like outsiders and “not” real “Australians” after the government decided not to let them home, to get access to the hospitals that paid their taxes for.

“This policy is so mean and irrational that I must also blame racism. I can’t believe that we would impose such a travel ban on white Australians fleeing England, for example, “added Andrew Bolt.

” They are Australian citizens. You renounced Indian citizenship to become Australian. Australia is their country with a duty of care, ”he continued. “I understand that we want to prevent the virus from creeping into Australia … but being Australian should mean something.”

“It should mean that in the event of a disaster, Australia will try to save you, no matter where you are. That doesn’t happen here … it’s everyone for himself. “

Of course people were amazed that Andrew Bolt not only called racism for what it was, but that he actually made a good point that most of Australia would agree with. It’s a strange one, but very welcome lynchpin for Andrew Bolt.

I wonder about the meaning of life today when Andrew Bolt seems to be the voice of reason.

Oh my god. It happened. I … I … agree with Andrew Bolt. This is a terrible liberal policy. The coalition liberal / national government MUST let the Australians return home. #auspol https://t.co/lcPYoo9FE0

While I do this, the government may realize that even its staunchest Conservative allies know this is a terrible, uncaring move.

The ban Bolt is referring to is, of course, the break on all direct flights from India, as a deadly second Wave over that Land swept.

This ban, which comes in effect today and is due to be reviewed on May 15, means the over 9,000 Australians registered as returning home have been stranded in India while the country is in shortage of supplies and facilities is grappling with the high number of cases – including members of the Australian cricket team.

Over the weekend, Federal Health Secretary Greg Hunt announced that anyone who flew to Australia during the break would be fined of $ 66,600 and a possible five-year sentence under the Biosecurity Act, but Scott Morrison insists the move is not racist.

While chatting with Ray Hadley about 2GB this morning, the Prime Minister said that the break on all flights from India was “health-wise” and said he was “disappointed” with claims that the racist move was racist.

Scott Morrison Looked no better and also tried to defend the decision by saying that the government did the same despicable act a year ago when Australia’s borders were closed to mainland China.

I hate it to say, but I wish Scott Morrison would just listen to Andrew Bolt on this one. Just this once.

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