The 2021 edition of the UCI Road World Championships, which will take place in Flanders, will mark the centenary of this annual event and will recall the historical importance of this Belgian region for competitive cycling on the Old Continent. Thanks to the media distribution provided by Eurovision Sport in Europe, and by IMG in the rest of the world, these championships will be able to be followed on television screens all over the world.

They will be broadcast by the following Members of the European Broadcasting Union: ZDF (Germany); VRT and RTBF (Belgium); TV2 (Denmark); RTVE (Spain); France Télévisions (France); RAI (Italy); TV2 (Norway); NOS (Netherlands); TVP (Poland); CT (Czech Republic); BBC (UK); RTV (Slovakia); RTV (Slovenia); SVT (Sweden) and SRG (Switzerland).

As part of the media distribution carried out by Eurovision Sport, the coverage of EBU Members will be supported by the Eurosport / Discovery platforms. Thus, the Eurosport 1 channel will offer the entire competition, while Eurosport Player and Global Cycling Network will ensure digital coverage throughout Europe. In Russia, the event will be able to be watched on Match TV, thanks to a sub-license agreement between that channel and Eurosport.

For its part, IMG will ensure extensive media coverage of the 2021 UCI Road World Championships in the rest of the world. In the Americas, the images will be distributed by Flosports and ESPN. In Asia, the competition will be broadcast by Jsports (Japan), Zhibo TV (China), Truevision, Mono (Thailand), Astro (Malaysia) and Starhub (Singapore). It will also be broadcast by SBS and Fox Sport (Australia), Sky Sport (New Zealand) and Supersport (South Africa).

Organized from September 19 to 26, the 2021 UCI Road World Championships will therefore be broadcast in 5 continents. A total of 11 titles will be awarded in the Elite, Juniors and Under 23 categories. The time trials will take place in Bruges from September 19 to 22 and Leuven will host the road races from September 24 to 26.

In total, nearly 400 hours of live television coverage will be achieved in Europe, to which will be added a very complete live streaming on digital platforms. The events on the program for the last weekend, with the first row being the Women Elite Road Race on September 25 and the Men Elite Road Race the next day, are expected to attract a large number of viewers.

VRT / Sporza will be the host broadcaster of the competition in partnership with Eurovision Sport and the UCI, ensuring audiences don’t miss a single minute of action during the eight days of competition.

“Our Members and partner broadcasters display an unprecedented commitment to cycling. It was very important, on the occasion of the centenary of the UCI Road World Championships, to offer this wide-ranging coverage throughout the entire world. Europe and to reach a very large public not limited to cycling fans. By optimizing the value of the World Championships for the benefit of the UCI, the organizing committee and the various actors, Eurovision Sport continues to put the sport within the reach of the greatest number. “

“The UCI Road World Championships are of particular importance this year, because of the centenary of this major annual competition. Of course, our races attract an increasing number of viewers from year to year, but we were particularly keen to this exceptional anniversary, to ensure that fans around the world can fully take part in the event. I am therefore delighted that Eurovision Sport and IMG allow cycling fans everywhere to follow the races that are taking place. will take place on the roads of Flanders. “

“The large-scale distribution of the UCI Road World Championships outside of Europe reflects the importance of this international competition. We are very pleased to join our efforts with those of the UCI and ‘Eurovision Sport for this prestigious event. “

In April 2016, the EBU was entrusted by the UCI with the responsibility of distributing European media rights for UCI competitions, for the following eight years. Through a sub-license agreement with the EBU, IMG manages rights outside of Europe.

Free access televisions reach over 800 million Europeans. According to a new report commissioned by the EBU from Ampere Analysis (Sports on European TV: Maximizing Commercial Value), this extensive coverage translates into increased appeal for sport, a large cumulative audience and high profitability for sponsors.

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The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) is the largest public service media alliance in the world. It represents more than a hundred organizations around the world. The EBU makes every effort to ensure a sustainable future for public service media and to provide its Members with top-notch Eurovision and Euroradio content. To do this, and to constitute a real center of learning and sharing, it relies on its founding principles of solidarity and cooperation. To learn more about the EBU, click here.

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