Covid-19: New Year, mandatory teleworking … what to remember from the government announcements
Dec. 27 2021
Europe 1
New health restriction measures in France, football sanctions: the 20-hour flash

Great mass of the two comedians of the Elysee Palace last night .. an anti popcorn law was laid by the kid .. the pig mask in the streets and ban on drinking standing in a bar .. piquouse reminder every three months. .about not drinking in a train..Always so inventive the macronie?

More seriously, when do we stop these fool-criminals who tyrannize us, kill us, and spoil our lives for TWO years?

many political leaders receive dirty money from big pharma, on accounts off shorela crapule van der leyen, president of the european commission (whose husband works for pfizer) has just ordered 4.5 BILLION DOSES of the pfizer vaccine (at 20 € a dose, that’s 90 billion €); there is enough to sting again 9 times, each the 500 million European citizens (either for 36 months, or 3 years) the 28 members of the commission approved this purchase; I presume that each must have received a “small” nest egg from the manufacturer!

Today we arrive at an apocalyptic situation of soft totalitarianism, where a handful of individuals who do not report to anyone meet in secret (Defense Council), and take the decision to arbitrarily ban you from leaving your home, d ” go to the cinema, to the swimming pool, to the restaurant, to have a coffee while standing, if you refuse to receive the injection of a poison causing shingles, heart attacks, thromboses, stroke, myocarditis, pericarditis, triggering of cancers, facial paralysis , limb paralysis, tremors …, sold for hundreds of billions of dollars by Pfizer, a firm convicted by the American justice system for fraud in an organized gang, extortion, fraud, corruption, production of false data and false documents, intimidation and threats.

A hysterization of the entire population with a disease that does not exist, the omicron variant having killed ten people in a month all over the planet, and none in France.

A paranoia that obviously has other goals than health. I have read science fiction for decades, I had never believed such a scenario imaginable.

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Great mass of the two comedians of the Elysee Palace last night … an anti popcorn law was introduced by the (…)

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