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Niko Kovac has called a group of 21 players for the trip of his team tomorrow afternoon to Troyes, on the lawn of Troyes.

Kevin Volland (ankle discomfort) and Djibril Sidibé (muscle discomfort) join Krépin Diatta in the infirmary.

The Monegasque group: Goalkeepers: Majecki, Nübel Defenders: Aguilar, Badiashile, Henrique, Disasi, Jakobs, Maripán, Matsima, Pavlovic Midfielders: Diop, Fàbregas, Fofana, Martins, Jean Lucas, Matazo, Tchouameni Attackers: Ben Yedidor, Boadu, Musaba

I would have preferred that we are in this group 1 or 2 players of experience and technical madness certainly in “pre-retirement” like Quaresma Nani or Pastore… like the old Vieri Beerhoff Morientes Di Vaio Koller Chevanton… and with a side who gives us magnificent headscarf like Ibara… a 10 like Gallardo and a goalkeeper like Flavio Roma in short… I want to see the great Monaco again which made me dream in the Champions League… Go ASM !!! Monaco forever ❤❤❤

And yes, there have been some good ones on the rock but on the other hand vieiri and beerhoff were not top at the asm… Be happy with the current team because there is level with talented players like Ben Yedder, Golovin, tchouameni, fofana (we are very envious of this duo), Diop, Sidibe who is back in shape, etc … We still have 35 days of the championship and 105 points to take 😉

Good evening, we have to put the same team back on as Wednesday, just replacing sidibe with aguilar, golovin with Diop and volland with boadu. If the rest is 100% and we play the same as on Wednesday night, that will do it.

Go the team !! Big game and imperative victory tomorrow !! The competitors have started the machine, we won’t have to lose points! Lyon, Marseille and Nice (impressive at the start of the season) we won’t wait !! Daghe Munegu !!

Nice it’s playing, it’s going very fast. They kept their team and got stronger, no secret they are giving themselves the means.
Delort who signed in addition, it will hurt a lot.

Unless if Delort had signed with us, you would have said “what is this transfer window of m …, we have to recruit heavy and not average players like that”
And yes, the grass is always greener in others. Because if you take a step back, admit that we have a workforce very very clearly above Nice. No?

No at all, Delort I have quoted him on several occasions, like Laborde for example.
I’m not asking for heavy, but real reinforcements.
Do we have a workforce above Nice? Not sure.

We will soon see if we have taken the good Dutch hope between boadu and kluivert

You mean that they kept their team that we literally humiliated at home over a half time especially last year and which has never supported the comparison with ours you mean … still happy that they have strengthened . And if they were in front of their TV on Wednesday, it is surely them who must be wondering how they are going to do against us… Personally, I am delighted that there is adversity, this is how the players avoid to rest on their laurels and progress .. And please do not start seeing the grass greener than it is with our neighbors … Read more »

I also prefer our squad to that of Nice but be careful not to take them lightly. Galtier has managed (it may not last) to inject real collective strength into a rather average group as he did in Lille (no one will have put a round on them, to be honest). I have already talked about the calendar (Sturm Graz falls between Marseille and Nice) but that poses a question: who should we turn against? If we think we can hit Nice or Marseille with a B team, we might have trouble healing. (… Read more “

Sidibé out …
Maybe Kovac will put Aguilar in to revive him and not bury him after his blunder, but his level of play hasn’t been reassuring for a while.
What about Matsima on the right or Disasi?

Matsima impressed me against Paris. But I think it’s a job that doesn’t suit him. If he had been impeccable defensively he was little seen offensively, perhaps because he wanted to apply but also probably because his qualities do not lend itself to it.
To see in what psychological state is Aguilar but I rather see Kovac trying to revive him

Especially since he didn’t make a cagade he just countered a cross (incidentally that’s what we ask of him as a defender). The disappointment must be great, but we can’t speak of a fault itself. (At least that’s my opinion)

He still plays the shot badly in my opinion, even if the Ukrainian rushes over him very quickly, but that’s not the most important indeed, he does not make a fault strictly speaking on the goal, it is a stroke of fate.
But his gaze spoke volumes about his distress… you have to be strong to get over that. Especially a delicate start to the season for him … Kovac and the players to show him their support. But I trust it.

I had the impression that his gaze said “it had to fall on me” After that we can blame a lot of things on aguilar but in the state of mind I have the feeling that it is armored and that it is always motivated and that he always needs to prove to the world that he is not a con artist. Remember his beginnings and the rain of red he took with each appearance. You had to swallow that one already. After his only selection which turns into a disaster (against Finland I think). Me, I like it, he’s a hater on the pitch like raggi or dirar was. He… Read more »

I don’t know if he’s playing badly, but I don’t see how he could have done otherwise because he’s all alone against two Ukrainians (or Brazilians, we don’t know anymore with them). Lucas was the one to blame for letting go of Blondin in my opinion, but in his defense he is not a winger either.

See the goal again, he’s not alone against 2, Maripan is at the 9, Aguilar is abandoning the blond … and I don’t think Lucas is the main culprit in this story. After that it’s details, it goes quickly it’s the very high level… we will not remake the match anyway I specify that I like Aguilar of which you are right to praise the state of mind, and who does not has not always been successful. When it comes to becoming a top player, you shouldn’t drag yourself too long then given his age 😉 but that he already becomes the player again… Read more “

I saw Maripan dragging his leg on Wednesday but if he’s 100% he’ll be there. Anyway I think that in the head of Kovac Disasi remains in front of matsima in the hierarchy (although I regret it).

The cons yes. He is beaten in the race when he is fresh. His late return pushed him to the fault. Other than that, compared to Sidibé who has made a lot of progress, I don’t see him improving.

We still got ripped off by Montpellier.
Lecomte and Auguilar in Montpellier they shone with a thousand lights.
In Monaco it’s pretty average …

Disagree, on the shakthar block he was framing the attacker as the blond overflowed. It’s Lucas who is at fault because he let it start without sticking to his ass. On the contrary, aguilar managed to get back on him when he was two meters behind on the call. I said hats off for the comeback anyway and if the ball hadn’t finished in the back we would have commented “great defensive return from Aguilar”.

I think it’s tchouam who is not following his player well but good in the 114th minute … and then it’s on an offensive phase one against, a pass breaks our line in the middle, but there is no fire yet, Maripan frame the attacker, Aguilar does not have to come back inside to second him, because suddenly he leaves the field free to the Ukrainian (of which he is marking) … in the end it is Maripan who covers well and allows Aguilar to return .. and follows the unfortunate cons. Aguilar felt it badly from start to finish, in my eyes, but this… Read more “

The problem in football, as in the city, is that there are as many ways of seeing things as there are ways of interpreting them. To each his opinion and that on that we will agree. 🙂

Or Fofana who loses the Ball on a bad pass. Ah yes thin, Fofana is one of the players who should not be criticized, sorry.

Did Fofana find the immunity necklace? He got out of the squad for Lens and everyone was saying he got in the lead with Kovac. How is it untouchable for you? Then he was unbalanced at the time of his pass. We made a lot of passes as risky as this one throughout the match and that’s what made the beauty of the game. But sometimes it doesn’t go through and I prefer this risk-taking to the game of indigestible and sterile baballe. that we have been practicing since the start of the championship.

I was not talking about immunity from Kovac but rather from the supporters on this forum. What I mean is maybe that he is like ben yedder in the eyes of some => even if he is not good, we never question him. But I admit that I exaggerated for Fofana who still receives criticism from time to time. I said that because I didn’t see anyone criticizing his loss of the bullet while many shot down Aguilar who didn’t really… Read more »

Yes It is true that the circles let it start but the one on one is badly managed.

No mess, we are doing the good games now, I would like to see Isidor very good start on Wednesday … Volland is bad for good, he needs to rest and Gololvin can be replaced by Diop without any problem …

With an overtime and a selection in EDF it should put his head in the right place. The transfer window is always difficult to manage for young players who are called upon from all sides.

They all had their heads in the seal with the LDC barrage. now I hope they realize what they can produce and the collective level they can achieve.

Okay for Volland he gave way more than he could provide on Wednesday. You have to keep cool and not pull on the rope too much, otherwise you will see him have bad matches or fart for 6 months.

If not surprising to see Matsima in the squad, the last I heard was that he was about to leave on loan at Bordeaux. To choose I would send them Marcelin rather to Bordeaux …

Totally agree for me matsima is ahead of Disasi. He must be kept as Maripan’s lining. I found him excellent during the preparation (scorer in Wolfsburg or against the circle I do not remember). In addition, I find him calm Olympian where our defenders tend to be feverish.

For what little I have been able to see of him I also find the calm that Matsima exudes a kind of quiet strength. To see if it was the carelessness of the beginnings or if that is one of his strengths, but it is promising

Is that the term “Olympian” that gets me a red thumb? It’s not a very popular word here 🙂

My opinion is that Badiashile is still too inconstant to do without pavlovic as an understudy.

I admit that I would love to see Matazo in this game. If not as a holder, at least to enter the game. The absence of Golovin could be the occasion. Of course, not attending practice, I don’t know where he is exactly, but if he’s in the squad it’s not for nothing. Based on what he briefly showed last season, he could be interesting against a team like Troyes: perforating, lively and technical. What do you think?

I think we’ll see it because I doubt tchouameni-fofana will make the 90 minutes given what they released on Wednesday.

Hopefully it shows up … and it shows up! We need alternatives and variety here.

Many of us want to see “Rio” again… Niko I defend him against all odds or almost… but if he doesn’t give him a chance quickly I prepare the banners and we go down to La Turbie!

Alright with you, and for Niko, and for Rio! It would be a shame to lose it, or even to let it “wither away.” So you take one side of the banner, me the other. I live not too far from La Turbie, I often climb there by bike 🙂

Impeccable! We are already 3 then with Tiuss … and 3 demonstrators in Monaco, it’s a revolution 😉

Well there with all the circles that are worn out by the dam, if the coach tries to tinker (which for me must play higher) while he has the illegitimate offspring of Fofana and Tchouameni on the bench, it’s nothing understand it. Otherwise I have paint what color do you want for the banner?

What I see in Kovac, and particularly with young people, is a father figure, affectionate and protective but also uncompromising and demanding to push them to give the best of themselves … All this to say that if Fof was put aside a time for example, or if Matazo does not play, it is because there are things which must not have suited him in training or that he did not feel he was ready… I cannot believing that he no longer relies on him after giving him a chance last year. We are going to see him again… But plan anyway if… Read more »

Above all, I think he wanted to install Jean Lucas in the middle as soon as possible. What message do you send to your recruit (whom you have chosen) if you bring in a kid in his place. I think he’s overestimated his adaptability a bit but that will level out as the season goes on. Lucas will have to whip like the others to earn his place otherwise it’s unfair for matazo (maybe that’s what made Millot flee)

It will do it if we keep the group it will be good go monaco

The infirmary is already full pffff. Not a lot of offensive solutions at the time, especially on the sides.

There is rotation in the field: it needs some in the infirmary too, since Pellegri left!

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