From this Friday, the Spring Plant Festival is held at the Château de Saint-Jean de-Beauregard in Essonne. An unmissable event for lovers of flowers and plants of all kinds in the Ile-de-France region.

Scents and colors from all walks of life will adorn the garden this weekend, a Mecca of French heritage. In the heart of a thriving park, young and old will find what they are looking for, whatever the size of their garden. This year, more than 250 exhibitors will be present at the Château de Saint-Jean de-Beauregard for this new edition of the Spring Plant Festival which, according to the organizers, brings together some of the best nurserymen in Europe Will be offered to visitors of multiple types of flowers, plants and shrubs.

The theme of this 2021 release is long flowering plants like perennials. “We want to show that there are flowers that bloom for a very long time in all plant families,” explains François de Curel, organizer of the exhibition.

Many workshops are offered such as conferences or even activities allowing children to discover plants and botany. From May 28 to 30, initiates and novices alike will be able to benefit from the advice of nurserymen “who are there to advise great plant lovers as well as the uninitiated” assures François De Curel, who is also owner of the castle in whose courtyard the exhibition is held. The exhibition is the oldest and most important event dedicated to plants in France.

[Agenda] This weekend, the Château de Saint-Jean de Beauregard will bloom in spring with its traditional Plant Festival. ➡️Discover the program of events, workshops and conferences in the M’Essonne agenda ⤵️⤵️

While the exhibition was initially popular with botany and gardening enthusiasts, the event gradually became more democratic and more and more uninitiated visitors came to the Château Saint-Jean de Beauregard. “We have more and more people coming with their families and wanting to start a garden,” says the organizer. Since the first edition of the exhibition 30 years ago, he has noticed a renewed interest in botany among the general public. François de Curel is excited to discover that more and more people “are realizing that gardening is not just a specialist’s business”.

An exacerbated feeling, he notes, since the advent of the health crisis and the various lockdowns. “During this period, the French gathered around their garden, gardening is a real therapy, working there brings them calm and serenity”.

Finally, this festival is not reserved only for plant lovers who benefit from large spaces for their garden. The organizers assure it “even in a small space, you can create your own garden bubble, the nurserymen are there to give you the best advice”.

To enjoy the green surroundings and the floral exhibition, visitors should plan to spend 14 euros for adults and 11 euros for children aged 12 to 18. The exhibition is free for children under 12 years old.

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