This Saturday, June 19, from 5 p.m., a first wave of severe weather conditions hit the department.

From south to north, this wave of thunderstorms was marked by violent waterfalls accompanied by hailstones up to several centimeters in size.

The Police Nationale de l’Essonne posted an impressive photo of the rainwater discharged from the storm water network on the Patton Bridge in Evry.

A tree fell on the RN20 near the coast from Torfou to Boissy-Sous-Saint-Yon, interrupting traffic. The RN118 is also flooded near Orsay.

The Carrefour roundabout in La ville du Bois is flooded and motorists are trying to get around. No one can leave the N20 towards the provinces.

Power cuts and mobile phone networks are to be noted. The security forces have received several dozen calls.

In addition, traffic on the RER C is interrupted until 8 p.m. between Juvisy and Paris-Austerlitz.

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