(AOF) – ESI Group has announced the evolution of its board of directors “in pursuit of its transformation into a top ranked international listed company”. At its meeting on September 3, 2021, the Board of Directors co-opted Patrice Sudan as an independent director. He takes over the mandate of Vincent Chaillou, who has resigned. Patrice’s mandate will end on the date of the general shareholders’ meeting in 2024.

“With his expertise in the direction and financial management of global industrial and technological companies listed on the stock exchange, Patrice Sudan represents a valuable asset for the ESI Group board”, specifies the specialist in virtual prototyping. Patrice Sudan becomes a member of the Strategy, Audit, Remuneration and Technology and Marketing committees.

Patrice Sudan, 63, began his career at Legrand in 1991, as management controller, then director of management control, and finally administrative and financial director of the group in 2001. Appointed deputy managing director and member of the executive committee of Legrand in 2008, he took charge of the group’s main industrial division, then of all industrial divisions and operations from 2014.

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