After months of real-false suspense, the controversialist has officially declared himself a presidential candidate on Tuesday via a video posted on YouTube.

In a setting very inspired by the appeal of 18 June by Charles de Gaulle, the now candidate for the Elysium begins his speech in a very solemn tone by reading his notes , against the backdrop of the second movement of Ludwig Van Beethoven’s Seventh Symphony.

“You have the impression that you are no longer in the country you know. You remember the country of Joan of Arc, Louis XIV, Charles de Gaulle, the country of gentes dames, the country of Gavroche and Causette , the country of Gabin, of Belmondo, of Bardot “, first advances Eric Zemmour, against a backdrop of images of urban riots.

While the controversy is often attacked for his lack of program, he insisted on going into the economic field. “Immigration is not the heart of all our problems but it worsens it (…). You often have trouble finishing your ends of the month (…) We have to relaunch our productive apparatus, encourage work, learning “, states the writer again.

“It is therefore no longer time to reform France but to save it. I have decided to solicit your votes to become President of the Republic”, he announces finally. Before ending his video with a note of optimism.

“Help me, join me. Long live the Republic and especially long live France”, concluded the candidate. This declaration will be followed by the 8 p.m. of TF1 on Tuesday evening.

There was now an urgent need to speed up for Eric Zemmour. In the middle of the poll and after a rowdy trip to Marseille, closed by a middle finger to a passer-by, the former Figaro journalist now hopes to bounce back.

The former columnist will launch his first campaign meeting at the Zénith in Paris. The CGT, Solidaires and anti-fascist activists have already promised a demonstration to “silence Zemmour” the same day in the capital.