“If I had wanted to resign, I would have resigned”, declared the Keeper of the Seals, suspected of having taken advantage of his position to settle his accounts with magistrates.

“I am very serene” reaffirmed Tuesday, October 5 the Minister of Justice à ?? ric Dupond-Moretti questioned on his indictment in July for “illegal taking of interests” », Categorically excluding a resignation from the government. “If you knew what I have done since I was indicted you would see that I am fully Minister of Justice,” said BFMTV’s guest Minister of the Seals.

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Asked if he had considered resigning, he replied: “Not at all”. “If I had wanted to quit, I would have quit,” he said. Recognizing that his indictment had been “very difficult to live” for him and his relatives, Eric Dupond-Moretti declared “a war” declared according to him “By certain representatives of unions” of magistrates.

On July 16, after six hours of questioning at the Court of Justice of the Republic (CJR), Eric Dupond-Moretti was indicted, a first for a Keeper of the Seals in office. He is suspected of having taken advantage of his position to settle accounts with magistrates with whom he had trouble when he was a lawyer, which he denies.

The CJR, the only court empowered to prosecute and try members of the government for crimes and misdemeanors “in the performance of their duties”, had opened in January a judicial investigation for “illegal taking of ‘interests’ after complaints from magistrates’ unions and the Anticor association denouncing situations of conflict of interest in two cases. The first concerns the administrative investigation ordered in September 2020 by the Minister of Justice against three magistrates from the National Financial Prosecutor’s Office (PNF) who had his detailed telephone records scrutinized (Â “Fadettes”) when he was still a pretorian star. In the second case, he is accused of having initiated administrative proceedings against a former investigating judge seconded to Monaco, douard Levrault, who had indicted one of his ex-clients and whose “cowboy” methods he had criticized.

The potential conflicts of interest of the new Minister of Justice, raised upon his arrival at the Chancellery by the magistrates’ unions, had finally led at the end of October 2020 to the exclusion of the follow-up of his former business, now under the control of Matignon.

Also questioned on Eric Zemmour, potential candidate for the presidential election, Eric Dupond-Moretti described him as “racist, negationist”, hoping that the French “open their eyes” to him. “Eric Zemmour is racist, negationist, condemned by the justice of our country for acts of incitement to racial hatred … What more do you want?”, Affirmed the Minister of Justice .

Asked if he felt that the controversy was “a danger for France”, Eric Dupond-Moretti replied: “I hope that we will finally open the eyes ”. Â € œMr. Zemmour is a controversial, talented journalist, writer, but what is his program? ”Asked the Keeper of the Seals. Recent polls place Eric Zemmour ahead of the right-wing candidate in the first round, unless he was Xavier Bertrand, without allowing him to advance to the second round.

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