Will you (re) take a little bit of Denzel Washington? If there is one that everyone agrees, it’s this comedian, voted best actor of the 21st century by the New York Times. Remarkable roles in spades, a career that spans several decades, always with just as much talent. There’s obviously USS Alabama (1996) and its epic shoot, or Flight (2013), inspired by a chilling true story. The Equalizer series is certainly not in the best-of of our hero, but these muscular productions, which find their origin on the small screen, do not lack arguments all the same.

In Equalizer 2, Denzel Washington accepts for the very first time in his long career to appear in a sequel. There he finds the costume, and the guns, of Robert McCall, a former secret agent with radical methods. Undercover, he operates in an express train, 400 kilometers from Istanbul: he is responsible for finding a little girl, kidnapped by her father. Once his mission is accomplished, McCall returns to Boston where he finds anonymity and a job as a private driver. But everything changes when his great friend Susan Plummer is assassinated during a mission in Brussels. Robert decides to find the culprits.

The shooting of this sequel was not easy. A double shootout indeed takes place on the film set! On September 30, 2017, two 18-year-old men shot at guards securing the entrance to the site. No shot was (…)

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Natalia Bryant, the eldest daughter of Kobe Bryant, pays tribute in “Teen Vogue” to her missing father.

Former Republican President Donald Trump on Saturday denounced the “incompetence” of Joe Biden, whose management of the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan “made him look like an idiot”, in a video message recorded for the twentieth anniversary of September 11.

What is hydrogen? Thank you for asking the question! The Alstom hydrogen train was tested on Monday 6 September in Valenciennes. Manufacturers have been using hydrogen for years, but gray hydrogen, the production of which is very polluting. So is green hydrogen our fuel of the future? Hydrogen holds great promise: it can power vehicles by producing three times more energy than gasoline for the same weight. In addition to that, it allows you to store

Saturday September 11, at the Commanderie de Dole, in the Jura, the representative of Franche-Comté in the Miss France 2022 contest was elected. And it was Julie Cretin, 21, who was chosen to try to bring the crown home.

A star was born in New York: Britain’s Emma Raducanu, as radiant as she was talented at 18, achieved an exceptional performance at the US Open, becoming the first player from qualifying to win a Grand Slam title on Saturday.

The wild animal lets itself be petted and fed by a guide from the marshes of the Amazon region of Bolivia.

Saturday September 11, Charlotte Gainsbourg walked the red carpet of the Deauville American Film Festival alongside Yvan Attal and his son Ben Attal.

The first boxing match at Roland Garros in nearly fifty years was tinged with emotion this Friday, September 10, the day of the funeral of Jean-Paul Belmondo. Tony Yoka dedicated his victory to the actor. A minute of silence was observed in his memory.

The host explains his new program, which aims to bring out talents, both authors, composers and performers.

Let’s go ! The Voice All Stars begins this Saturday, September 11 on TF1. For the occasion, 50 of the most iconic talents were selected by the production.

No weekends aboard the International Space Station. On Sunday, Thomas Pesquet and his Japanese colleague Akihiko Hoshide will go out into space to prepare for the installation of a new solar panel which will be delivered in 2022.

The last French trade surplus dates back 18 years. Since this “golden age” of French foreign trade, the cumulative annual deficits have reached … 902 billion euros, denounces our columnist Marc Touati, economist and president of the ACDEFI cabinet.

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Since Marion Rousse is a mother, the tender pictures of Nino flood social networks. Once again, the young woman unveiled a nice photo of her little boy. And the least we can say is that he is already very sporty from the top of his (almost) 3 months.

In his last show D’ailleurs, which the journalists of Parisien were able to attend, Gad Elmaleh looks back on his meeting with Albert II of Monaco, the uncle of his ex Charlotte Casiraghi. And the least we can say is that he was not really comfortable …

Released in theaters in August 2018, Equalizer 2 is the first sequel in the career of its lead actor, Denzel Washington. The shooting of the film was marked by a shootout which injured two security officers.

The story, which seems inspired by the month that the young woman had spent off all radars in January 2021, will be released on November 4.

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