The energy minister beat up opposition leader David Crisafulli after claiming that the state government used the Callide power plant as a “money cow”.

At a press conference at the Callide power plant on Monday, Crisafulli claimed that the state government had not invested enough money in the maintenance of the power plant.

“In many cases, these assets are being used as the money cow for state government and the returns they are honestly generating are well above what most people in the commercial sector would expect,” said Crisafulli.

“When I look at the amount of money the government is taking out of these assets compared to the amount of money they are putting back in, I am not convinced that we are spending enough to preserve these assets.”

Energy Minister Mick de Brenni announced, however, that the state government had invested 636 million US dollars in the maintenance and modernization of the Callide power plant, including 324 million US dollars in Callide C. since 2017 alone.

“CS Energy carries out cyclical overhauls in accordance with the relevant asset management strategies for its generating units. The Callide C generating units have major overhauls every five years, with minor overhauls in between, ”said de Brenni.

“The last major overhaul was completed in October 2017, the last minor overhaul in 2020.”

Mr de Brenni said that the facility was inspected and repaired during the overhauls to ensure that the legal Compliance requirements were met and the system was operated safely and reliably.

Mr de Brenni said all Callide workforce had a right to be offended by LNP for suggesting “somehow not doing their job right” after an explosion at the site last Tuesday became too widespread Outages.

“Nobody has forgotten the last time they were in government. David Crisafulli laid off electricians, literally shut down power plants and tried to sell them. So if he thinks he can just show up at Callide’s and delete this story, he’s wrong. ”


Old care workers who have not yet received a Covid-19 shock are instructed by the federal government to get one in their “own time” and “at their own expense”.


A four-year wage freeze for state MPs has been abolished. Now Qld MPs’ salary packages will be increased by thousands of dollars over the next 18 months.


With the government refusing to disclose what it paid to secure Game I in Townsville, we’ll never know how much the local economy will benefit from this event.


As it turns out, how much Queensland likely paid to secure Game I for Townsville, NSW slammed the move, saying they couldn’t justify paying “stupid money”.

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Friends and family were invited to attend the ceremony to celebrate teenage Jayden Ireland from central Queensland.

family fun

The aim of the event is to educate residents about the importance of sustainable living and the protection of natural resources.


A woman in her twenties and another person were involved in a vehicle rollover.


Lost nearly half a million homes and businesses across the state and as far as NSW …


Two people were killed by paramedics after an accident involving two vehicles in New Auckland on …

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